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I love Charles Barkley

Well this weekend is IT for March Madness and I am really excited for the games to get started. My home state of Kentucky is upside down about the UK v. Louisville (correct pronnunciation Louvulle, fyi) and I am psyched. It is going to be intense. I'm still trying to convince Paul to move Zogics operations to New Orleans for the final.

I've got to say the tournament got a whole lot better last year when TNT/CBS added Charles Barkley as an analyst and commentator for the tournament coverage. These guys are so dry and boooooring most of the time and when the game cuts to them its usually my cue to grab some more bon bons or pour myself another white wine spritzer. Not so when Charles B. has something to say. He's funny, puts these guys in their place and could care less what you think about him. I would love to be buddies with Charles Barkley.

Need proof? Check out his latest commercial spot for Weight Watchers. Oh, did I forget to mention that he is a spokesperson for

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Weight Watchers? Go ahead, judge him. He doens't care...HE'S CHARLES BARKLEY!

Since I've had two posts in as many weeks talking about me blubbering over cute animal videos, I decided I should butch it up like Charles and talk about something dude-ly.

Are you playing in our March Madness Tournament? How are you doing?

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