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Introducing the Zogics Clean Guide for Hospitality Facilities

Developed specifically for spas, salons, boutique hotels and resorts.

Cleaning and disinfecting are top of mind for travelers and for clientele of the spa and beauty industry today, especially in light of the Coronavirus. The word clean has always been associated with salons, spas, resorts and their overall environment and condition. They not only need to be clean and tidy but guest and treatment rooms, equipment, work-spaces, and tools used in the spa should also be properly sanitized every day. When it comes to the health and safety of spa- and resort-goers, there’s no such thing as cutting corners on proper sanitation to save time, money, or effort. Cleanliness and proper disinfection techniques are not only essential to keeping clients and staff safe,  but are also important to the reputation of the business. 

As the shutdown is easing in many parts of the country, and summer is upon us, many states are lifting restrictions on resort travel and pampering trips to the spa or salon. We have been listening to industry concerns and know that you are worried about rebuilding and growing your business after the crisis. As communities get back to their normal routines, they want to know that the places they travel to are clean and safe. How can you reassure your clientele that they are entering a safe, germ-and-bacteria-free facility?


If you're looking to enhance and strengthen your cleaning protocols, our guide can help.

The Zogics Clean Guide for Hospitality toolkit provides owners and managers with everything from step-by-step cleaning protocols to resources for communicating to clientele that you are following expert recommendations and best practices to deep clean your facility.

By following the steps in this toolkit, you will not only get an expert-informed cleaning protocol, but you'll also learn how to build customer trust by highlighting your high standards of cleaning and sanitizing. We know that with the right tools and planning, your facilities will be ready to welcome back travelers and clientele with deeply cleaned and disinfected spaces. 


What’s in the toolkit?

  • Downloadable, printable one-sheets (ideal for sharing with your staff) with detailed cleaning and disinfecting instructions for every space in your facility: guest rooms, spa treatment rooms, lobbies, and more!
  • Email and social media templates that you can easily personalize.
  • Tips for communicating with staff and your wellness community about your updated cleaning protocols.


Explore Zogics Clean Guide Library

Empower your staff and reassure your community with our FREE downloadable cleaning and disinfecting guides for fitness centers, educational settings, hospitality facilities and more.

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