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Introducing the Zogics Clean Guide for Long Term Care Facilities

Quality of Care Extends to Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Long Term Care Facility

Long term care facilities have faced rather dire and difficult times over the past several months. With the onset of COVID-19, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities have been caught in the cross hairs of the pandemic affecting their fragile population, and in turn, their staff. Fortunately, there are cleaning and disinfection steps you can take to help mitigate outbreaks that could occur. 

Properly cleaning and disinfecting resident rooms and common areas can help reduce disease transmission, and while it seems intuitive, cleaning first is the key to ensuring that disinfection is completed properly. There are simple tips that facility managers can use to help keep common areas clean and help lessen the spread of infectious diseases.

To help guide you through the correct processes and protocols when it comes to keeping your facilities clean and germ-free, we’ve put together a comprehensive cleaning guide, along with messaging templates for communication with both staff, residents, family members and caregivers.

Introducing the Zogics Clean Guide for Long Term Care facilities


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