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Features & Benefits of Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells


Are you looking for new fitness equipment for your fitness facility? Kettlebell Kings kettlebells are a premium choice for both quality and value. Provide your members with the best kettlebell to meet their fitness goals.

Read more below to understand the features and benefits of Kettlebell Kings kettlebells. 

Buy Powder Coat Kettlebells For Durability and Versatility 

Kettlebell Kings Power Coat Kettlebell |  Zogics
Powder Coat Kettlebells offer exceptional durability and grip. Compared to other finishes, powder coat stands up well and lasts longer. Not only will they look great, but your new kettlebells will make the most of your equipment budget.

These kettlebells also feature a recessed logo. This feature improves comfort and avoids the logo making any contact with your body. Not only does it look great, but a recessed logo will help improve kettlebell exercise.

Other features include colored bands on the handles for easy identification. Your members will know how much they're lifting without picking up a kettlebell or rolling it over. Your members can grab and go! Kettlebells are available in both kilograms and pounds. Whatever your member's favorite measure of choice, they'll quickly see the engraved weight on each.

What are the main workouts for Powder Coat Kettlebells? Try swings, presses, and Turkish get-ups.

Buy Competition Kettlebells For A Consistent, Uniform Workout

Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell |  Zogics Competition kettlebells will provide your members with consistent training experience. This is vital, especially if they are training for kettlebell competitions.

Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells contain no filler like sawdust or ball bearings. What does this mean? Your members will get the best kettlebell experience without worrying about weight shifting. Kettlebell Kings also cast each competition kettlebell in one piece. This single cast means they are more durable than traditional competition kettlebells with welded parts.

If your members are looking to train like a pro, Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells are a top quality product.

Competition kettlebells are perfect for a range of exercises including snatches, jerks, and more.

Buy Adjustable Kettlebells For Added Flexibility and Cost Savings

Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell |  Zogics Not sure about which weight kettlebells you should get for your gym or fitness facility? Adjustable kettlebells offer the versatility of seven kettlebells in one.

Your members will be able to do any kettlebell exercise, adjusting the weight for their needs. Weight ranges from 10-40lbs at 5lbs increments.

Adjustable kettlebells are easy-to-use by adjusting the plate with a simple slide of the lever.

Purchasing seven kettlebells could cost over $400. You can make a smart business choice with an adjustable kettlebell costing under $170. Make your members smile with the flexibility of kettlebells at a cost that makes sense for your gym.

Try workouts such as the Around the World, Figure 8, Kettlebell Squat, Russian Twist, Pistol, and overhead press.

Beyond fitness facilities, kettlebells are an excellent choice for school weight rooms, military institutions, performance centers, and even home gyms.

No matter the type of kettlebell, remember that all kettlebells ship for FREE from Zogics. Kettlebell Kings also backs each kettlebell with a Lifetime Warranty for structural integrity and weight accuracy.


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