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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Gyms


The days of advertising through traditional outbound marketing channels are long gone. It is no longer sufficient to reach potential gym-goers through TV spots, radio ads and newspaper features. Gyms need a mobile marketing strategy to engage prospective customers and steal market share from competing businesses. Every gym's marketing plan should be rooted in a nucleus comprised of numerous digital platforms.


The Power of a Mobile App

A mobile app is an easily accessible platform that spearheads your gym's marketing strategy. Its ultimate purpose is to heighten your club's revenue by:

  • Attracting new members
  • Converting those who are on the edge of joining
  • Engaging members
  • Touting services
  • Advancing your gym's brand

A Club Mobile App also empowers current members to directly refer their buddies to the gym with the press of a single button. This referral spurs the prospective member to use his digitally transmitted guest pass. Push notifications follow to guide the prospect through the membership sign-up process.

Furthermore, a Club Mobile App serves to stimulate member interest across the long haul, keeping them up-to-date about the gym's newest services and other benefits. The app can even be used to transmit customized offers to existing members that can be redeemed directly from the app.


A Platform for Member Engagement

The beauty of a mobile strategy for your gym is that serves as a means of engaging current and prospective club-goers. This is the exact opposite of comparably passive conventional outbound advertising channels like TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and billboards. Those who view mobile ads, apps, social media and other forms of inbound marketing feel engaged as their clicks and scrolls are what initially led to the exposure. These inbound forms of advertising aren't as overt as outbound ads.

Consider the fact that consumers spend about 85 percent of their smartphone time using apps. If your app has merit and enters into the rotation of current or prospective members, your club will reap the rewards from deep customer engagement.


Mind the Mobile App's Features

Any old app for your club will not suffice. The mobile features of your app are of the utmost importance. The features you select should add meaningful value to your users' lives. Whether the app provides special offers or unique insight, it must provide some sort of utility. Otherwise, users will try it once and never come back. Make the app features redeemable and people will return.

For instance, features that allow for the integration of fitness wearables, enable check-ins and updates regarding workout session/class scheduling provide considerable utility that boosts member engagement. If you have no idea how to build an app or add such features, don't fret! These advanced features can be implemented through a third-party app provider with surprising ease.


Your Mobile Strategy Should Enhance Convenience

Gym-goers are looking to make the most of their time at the gym. Arm them with a mobile app that makes the workout experience more convenient and they will be inclined to remain loyal to your facility for the long haul. The app should empower members to coordinate personal training sessions, reserve equipment, secure a spot in a group class and check into the gym with a few clicks. Keep class enrollment up to date and customers will be quite thankful. Knowing when a certain class, training session, exercise space or equipment is available helps members better plan their day..


Extra Channels can Stimulate Revenue

Your mobile app opens up all sorts of new revenue streams. Aside from attracting new members, it allows gym-goers to secure the services of personal trainers, sign up for classes, take advantage of discounts and refer friends. All of this can be done with a few swipes and clicks from one's smartphone. In fact, a Club Mobile App makes purchases so easy that you will find plenty of your members sign up for services and special offers that they would not have considered if the process involved anything more than a couple clicks.


Take Advantage of the Rise of Fitness Apps

Did you know that slightly less than 20 percent of consumers own and use some form of wearable technology? Fitness apps, wearables and other fitness-oriented digital devices have rapidly spilled into the mainstream. Have your tech gurus integrate these workout apps into your gym's mobile app and members' wearable technology/workout tracking applications will function without flaw when they have your club app running.

Integration places workout data in one convenient location, further encouraging your members to access your club's app, exercise at your club and view your facility as a means of advancing their physical fitness. Such integration will also position your gym as a tech-savvy enterprise that is on the cutting edge. This is the reputation for forward thinking your gym needs to steal market share from your competitors.
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