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National Heart Month: Top Facility Equipment and Gym Products


National Heart Month is the perfect time to evaluate your facility’s preparedness. You can also help your members achieve their health goals by promoting proactive heart health.

Zogics has everything for fitness professionals to keep their members happy and safe. You can plan for your members’ fitness goals as well as prepare for any unexpected emergencies. We are here to ensure that your fitness facility has the right products to do the job.

Check out our top gym and facility equipment products for National Heart Month.

AEDs for Gym and Fitness Facilities


Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are vital in order to save lives. Sudden cardiac arrest could strike any gym member. Your facility needs to be equipped with portable AEDs in order to address any heart-related emergency. Zogics has the top AED brands such as Philips, Zoll, Heartsine, and Defibtech.

Did you know that by having an AED at your facility you can increase survival rates? It is estimated that access to AED improves survival rates from cardiac arrest from 5% to 40%.

We offer convenient AED bundles to make purchasing easier. Most bundles include the AED, carrying case, wall cabinet, battery, and instructional guide. Browse AEDs ►

Heart Rates Monitors for Gym

Fitness Assessment

Do your members know their target heart rate? Heart rate monitors and assessment products are important tools for members. They can better understand the target heart rate zone they should meet when exercising.

Heart rate monitors and other assessment tools ensure members are getting the most out of each workout. While this is important all year round, National Heart Month is a great time to determine the right heart rate assessment tools for your facility.

Beyond heart rate monitors, Zogics also has other heart-related assessment products including digital blood pressure units & BMI platform scales.

Best Wholesale Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment

Give your gym or fitness members the best cardio equipment to get their heart pumping. Cardio should be part of every member's fitness routine. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for all adults.

Cardio can be beneficial for members by burning calories, building up stamina, and encouraging group exercise. Cardio can even enhance weightlifting ability through interval training.

Find the perfect equipment for your facility. Rowing machines and commercial treadmills provide a strong all-around cardio workout. Zogics can get your facility the right cardio equipment it needs. Browse Cardio Equipment ► 

Free Weights for Gym

Free Weights

Weight training also plays an important role in maintaining heart health. A recent study showed that lifting weights is actually healthier for the heart than going for a run or taking a walk.

Give your members the best heart-healthy equipment. Choose from our wide selection of weights and free weights. From dumbbells and weight benches to kettlebells and weight machines, we have the top brands and products. We take the heavy lifting out of getting new weights and equipment for your facility. Browse Free Weights ►

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