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New Look, New Products!

In this post:

  • A new look for the Zogics.com website
  • You asked & we listened! Expanded product offerings for all types of facilities
  • Shop by industry and need, easily & quickly

Welcome to the newly updated Zogics.com!

It's always been our mission to be in the business of helping our customers, treating them like family, and having some fun along the way as we grow and expand. For over fifteen years, tens of thousands of businesses have relied on Zogics for products and services that support safer, smarter facilities. 

During the last year or so, we've been laser-focused on helping our customers with their cleaning, disinfecting, and safety needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. We're proud to have helped so many of our customers stay open and do so with confidence and security.  

Great product and great service (Zogics Antibacterial Disinfecting Wipes)
We’ve been using these wipes since before the pandemic and they have been amazing. Easy ordering system and great quality! - Daniel K.

As we emerge stronger and more determined to live safe, healthy lives—both in our work lives and in the things we do for recreation—Zogics is here with hundreds of new products for any facility, from large warehouses to restaurants, fitness centers, schools, transportation hubs and more. In addition to the expanded product lines, we're proud to offer nationwide cleaning and COVID-19 testing services at www.zogics.com.

What's new at Zogics?

  • Facility Disinfection & Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Air Movers & Coolers
  • Surface & Hand Wipes
  • New Construction & Renovations
  • Janitorial & Maintenance
  • COVID-19 On-Site Testing
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • And much more!

Check it out today at zogics.com and if you are looking for a product we don't currently carry for your facility, drop us a line at hello@zogics.com! 

Explore Zogics Clean Guide Library

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