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New Swine Flu

It's back! And just in time for the holiest time of year - Fair Season.

As if all the fried dough, fried oreo's and rickety rides weren't hazardous enough to your health, the CDC is issuing a health warning for a new strain of swine flu after 12 cases were reported at a county fair in Ohio. The new flu has genes from the 2009 strain that may make it more contagious. So far the flu hasn't spread too easily among people and cases have been mild.

Still, the CDC has issued a warning and suggested people take precaution. First of off, think twice before taking that corn dog or funnel cake into the barn with you to...don't eat around the animals. Second...an oldie but a goodie...keep your hands clean with thorough washing and/or hand sanitizer!




Lucky for you we sell hand sanitizer by the gallon. Zogics carries both ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer (alcohol based hand sanitizer) and foam hand sanitizer (non alcohol hand sanitizer).

It's important to have hand sanitizer for kids going into the school season to help prevent outbreaks and the spread of potentially harmful outbreaks. Call us at 888.623.0088 or visit https://zogics.com to stock up on hand sanitizer today!

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