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Product Resources: Introducing Zogics NSpire HVAC UV-C Air Purifiers

Many of us are spending more time indoors as the weather declines and the days get shorter. With more time spent inside, there's a new focus on a key area emerging in the fight against the Coronavirus: the quality of the indoor air in your facility.

Per the EPA, "COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly through close contact from person-to-person. However, some uncertainty remains about the relative importance of different routes of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Evidence now confirms that this virus can remain airborne for longer times and further distances than originally thought. In addition to close contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces, spread of COVID-19 may also occur via airborne particles in indoor environments, in some circumstances beyond the 2 m (about 6 ft.) range encouraged by some social distancing recommendations."

What does this mean for your facility? It means that creating and maintaining optimal air quality should be one of the tools in your infection prevention line of defense. 

To assist in your efforts to improve indoor air in your facility or home, we recently introduced the Zogics NSpire line of air purifiers, air filters, and air quality monitors. Here, we'll focus specifically on HVAC air purifiers.


What Does an Air Purifier Do?

An air purifier removes contaminants from the air such as dust, particles, allergens, viruses and bacteria, creating cleaner, healthier air for you to breathe. They also provide you with an additional layer of protection against emerging pathogens. They are installed in your home or facilities' HVAC system.

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