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Product Spotlight: Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System

We're proud to announce that we're working with and able to offer Big Ass Fans Clean Air System.

Essence UVC low res

Whether it’s large distribution centers, smaller manufacturing plants, schools, healthcare centers or a variety of commercial spaces, wherever people are gathered, you’ll find harmful pathogens that can cause diseases like COVID-19 and influenza. Big Ass Fans Clean Air System is designed to destroy those pathogens, providing safer, cleaner air that everyone can enjoy.

A one-of-a-kind solution, the Clean Air System delivers unmatched airflow, efficiency, and air disinfection to transform your facility’s health and comfort.


Creating cleaner air dramatically reduces risk of infection

The Big Ass Fans' Clean Air System pairs scientifically proven air purifying technologies (Ion or UVGI/UV-C) with powerful airflow solutions. This results in a system that kills 99.99% of pathogens to keep your people protected and your business booming. We'll take a look a the two types of purifying technologies.

Ion Disinfection Technology

Designed for industrial and commercial facilities, these ceiling and mounted fans utilize ion technology. Ions are electrically charged particles that are proven to attack and eliminate pathogens. Big Ass Fans – armed with bipolar ionization units – create millions of ions per minute and distribute them rapidly through powerful airflow. This provides cleaner, safer air and surfaces – all without producing any harmful ozone.


banner-uv-c-disinfection-technologyUVGI (UV-C) Disinfection Technology

Used in both commercial and residential applications, these fans harness the disinfecting power of UV-C light, a scientifically proven disinfectant for over 70 years. By incorporating CDC-endorsed UVGI (UV-C) technology with Big Ass Fans, pathogens move through an upper-air-level disinfection zone – continuously and safely providing clean air where it’s needed most.


In a nod to its effectiveness against COVID-19, including an endorsement by the CDC, Big Ass Fans and their UVGI (UV-C) technology was recently featured on CNBC.

Reducing risk with every spin

It's time to invest in in your air quality with Big Ass Fans’ full-service air disinfection solutions. Big Ass Fans has mastered the science of airflow with purpose-built products that deliver unparalleled performance. Now their world-class overhead and directional fans work with the Clean Air System to create safer, healthier conditions throughout your space.

To learn more about which fans are right for your facility, simply fill out the form below and a Zogics Big Ass Fans expert will be in touch. We will complete a custom, data-backed airflow analysis of your facility, showing you exactly how and which products will attack pathogens and create a safer, healthier environment.



Big Ass Fans are just one of our air purification tools created to help you improve the quality of the air in your facility. For different size facilities, and different air quality needs, we also offer our NSpire line of HVAC Air Purifiers and Air Filters.

For more information on our air purification products and what they do, check out the following post:

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Get a FREE Airflow Analysis

Invest in a cleaner, healthier facility. We'll conduct a FREE on-site airflow analysis of your space and provide recommendations on how to reduce infection risk with Big Ass Fans’ full-service air disinfection solution, which kills 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2.

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