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Six Ways to Protect Facility Floors

It is tough to maintain your facility, whether it is the harsh, frigid weather of winter plus the influx of new members at the beginning of each year, or the battle between air conditioning and heat in the summer months. No matter the season, your facility's floors are one of the most important investments you can work to protect. A dirty floor not only looks bad, but it’s also hazardous for anyone using it. A floor covered with dust, dirt, or debris can cause staff or members to slip or even twist an ankle. Dirt will dull facility floors and leave marks, shortening the lifetime of your floor.

Learn how to get the most of your facility floor investment.

A clean floor looks good and creates a safe environment for your members.

Here's a handy checklist to help you keep your floors protected and your members safe:

Deep clean weekly: Once a week, your facility floor should undergo a complete cleaning. That means busting out the scrubbers and buffers to get the floor clean and shiny. Make sure you use the recommended floor cleaning chemicals for your flooring type to preserve its finish. Our Zogics Enzyme Enriched Floor Cleaner is ideal for cleaning concrete, ceramic tile, quarry tile, grout, brick, and rubber mats. 

Place mats at doorways: Preventative maintenance is one of the best, first steps. It will prevent dirt from ever getting on your facility floor in the first place. Place mats at every doorway. People will be able to wipe their shoes as they enter your facility. This will remove any dirt or other debris they might be tracking in. The dirt gets trapped in the mat rather than strewn across your floor.

Dry-mop daily: Facility floors should be dry dust-mopped at least two to three times a day. You should increase the frequency if you notice an influx of traffic. Dust and dirt accumulate on the floor all the time. Cleaning your floors at least daily will preserve their shine and create a safe surface.

Break out that vacuum: Not every facility is created equal. And not every facility uses wood or composite flooring. If you have carpeting in your facility, vacuum at least once a week. This prevents dirt and debris from getting trapped in carpet fibers and dust from floating into your clean air.

Avoid excess moisture: Moisture won’t just damage your facility floor, it can also pose a risk as people can slip and fall. Keep excess moisture from accumulating on the floor, whether it is from people tracking it in on their shoes or excessive water from over-mopping the surface.

Replace filters regularly: Replace filters regularly: HVAC filters and HEPA filters built into your vacuum cleaners are designed to catch dust and dirt. Over time, these filters will also get dirty. This will allow dust and dirt to escape into the air and accumulate on your facility's floor. That’s why you need to replace your filters on a regular basis, often every few months.
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