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Quiz: Is It Time for a Facility Upgrade?

Is it time for a facility upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade your gym or fitness facility? Take our simple quiz to help find the answer. Check off any of the 25 most common facility mishaps below that apply.


 Rusty Vintage kettlebells and/or dumbbells

 2 or more out of order machines

 Cracked yoga mats

 Deflated stability balls

 A collection of snapped resistance bands

 Jump ropes missing adjustable screws


Locker Room

 Constantly-clogged soap dispensers

 Moldy shower curtains

 Disappearing gym towels

 Slick/wet locker room floors

 At least one out of order toilet

 Unclaimed yet locked lockers

 Worn-out gym towels

 Dripping soap dispensers

 Out of order sauna


Safety & Hygiene

 A mysterious case of missing spray bottles

 Uneven flooring

 Overflowing trash cans

 Dirty fitness equipment

 No AEDs

 Foul odors

 Unmanageably dirty floors



 A weak-stream water fountain that
     requires impressive body contortions

 Fewer personal training clients

 Dwindling group exercise attendees


Tally up your results:

  • More than 16: I hate to break it to you but your facility needs a major upgrade. If it isn’t already affecting your membership retention, it is bound to.
  • 10 - 15: Your facility is in decent shape but remember, to be able to compete with the new and shiny gyms popping up in your area, you might want to address some issues. 
  • Less than 10: Congrats, your facility is in great shape! That doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for improvement, though. Be on the lookout for opportunities to address and stay on top of burgeoning issues.

Ready to upgrade? Take a look at some more resources to help improve your facility:

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