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Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Zogics_Blog_June_2016_Throw_Towel.jpgWe live in controversial times. Heated dialogues regarding environmental issues are sure as rain. The paper towel versus automatic hand dryer debate is a topic we’ve touched upon before. At Zogics, we sell both. However, our clients – and most of our team (yes, there’s a holdout) – prefer XLERATOR hand dryers. On the personal side, a touchless dryer just feels more sanitary, and less messy. Our clients use them in high traffic areas like gyms, schools, and retail stores to cut down on paper costs, and to keep restrooms cleaner. But what about the environment, you ask?

XLERATORS Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Compared to recycled paper, XLERATOR Hand Dryers reduce our carbon footprint by 70%. So it helps facilities, large and small, achieve their sustainability goals. Who isn’t on board with that? Paper towels seem to be more eco-friendly, but they consume a great deal of electricity and natural resources during the production process and leave tons of waste behind. We stock XLERATOR hand dryers because they are more energy-efficient (they use 80% less energy) than other brands. XLERATOR is GreenSpec® listed, and they also earned the Greener Product Certification Seal.

Faster than Ever
Remember the early days of movie theater restroom hand dryers? They were s-l-o-w. Thankfully, technology has brought them into the 21st century: they now dry hands in 10-15 seconds. XLERATOR is three times quicker than conventional brands, reducing power usage (by 30 seconds). That, of course, translates into more savings.

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