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Retain & Attract Members with a Healthy Fitness Facility

In this post:

  • Why you should clean your fitness facility regularly
  • Smart additions to your cleaning routine
  • Products to help keep your facility running smoothly


Why Clean Your Fitness Facility?

It's no secret that maintaining a clean fitness facility goes a long way to member satisfaction, and attracting new members via word of mouth. Regular cleaning schedules are essential for the health of both your staff and members. If your facility isn't up to snuff, some members may even terminate their membership if facility conditions are subpar. Prospective members also need a clean facility. Make sure your fitness machines are not dirty, locker rooms are clean and tidy, and sanitizer and towels are present throughout your fitness facility.


Consider These Additions to Your Cleaning Routine  


These days, it's crucial to have the right amount of hand sanitizer, antibacterial gym wipes, and gym wipes dispensers throughout your facility. We recommend wipes and dispensers in every room in your facility, and at every entrance and exit point. Another area to focus on is air quality; fresh air not only keeps your members more comfortable, but it can help control heating and air conditioning costs too, by constantly circulating the air. 

Zogics Wipes at Ultifit

Image courtesy: ultiFIT Instagram: @ultifit


With an increased focus on cleanliness, consider cleaning your facility on a regular schedule, and when members are present, to reassure them of your cleaning protocols. It's wise too to use your social media platforms to let members and prospective clients know all the things you're doing to keep them safe and healthy.


Products to Help Keep your Fitness Facility Running 

To help make selecting the right supplies for your facility, whether they're cleaning products like disinfectants, tools like electrostatic or atomizing sprayers, or touch-free bottle fillers or hand dryers, we've curated a page just for the fitness industry. Shop products chosen specifically for fitness centers, find helpful resources and ideas, and more, all in one convenient place. 


Supporting 20,000+ fitness facilities for over 16 years

jun21-retain-attract-members_imgWe're proud to have helped tens of thousands of health clubs, gyms, and fitness facilities perform at their best. Zogics is here to help you make the most out of your facility maintenance goals from member attraction to retention and profitability.

Keep your gym clean, safe, & disinfected

We're proud to work with thousands of health clubs and gyms all across the world. From franchise owners to independent managers, see how Zogics is here for you when it comes to facility maintenance and wellness.

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