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Six Dirtiest Surfaces in the Workplace

I was cruising around WebMD today trying to diagnose the following symptoms I've been having for the past week or so:

  • Loss of focus at work
  • Persistent good mood with intermittent bursts of energy
  • Constant attention to the clock
  • Chronic desire for potato salad and Bud Light Lime

Turns out I am just excited for Memorial Day and the start of summer but like every symptom on WebMD, it suggested I see a doctor because these could all be a sign of cancer.

However, while I was there, I did come across a really interesting article on the 6 dirtiest surfaces in the workplace. You can read the full article here, but according to the study done by Kimberly-Clark Professional, those surfaces are:

  • Vending machine buttons
  • Microwave door handles
  • Keyboards
  • Refrigerator door handles
  • Water fountain buttons

And the Worst:

  • Break room sink-faucet handles!!!

Clearly this study was not conducted at any of the offices or facilities where our customers are using Zogics alcohol-free and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, disinfectants or our equipment wipes. If so, they would have found that the number of bacteria and germs would be drastically reduced because they kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria.>

What? You're not using our hand sanitizers? Well, then enjoy your germ sandwich the next time you eat the week old Applebees left overs you pull out of the break room fridge.

Don't risk it. Get your hand sanitizers, disinfectants and wipes here to protect yourself against office germs and bacteria.

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