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Snap Fitness and Zogics: A Partnership for Optimal Gym Hygiene and Member Satisfaction

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  • Partnering with Zogics allows businesses like Snap Fitness to centralize their purchasing, streamline procurement processes, and reduce administrative burdens, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Zogics offers competitive pricing on a range of products to benefit your business.
  • Maintain high cleanliness and safety standards without disruptions via a reliable supply chain.

In any industry, businesses strive to maximize efficiency, manage costs effectively, and maintain consistent service. One powerful strategy to achieve these is by partnering with a preferred vendor. Being a prominent provider of facility supplies to fitness, healthcare, education, and hospitality industries, we at Zogics exemplify the advantages of this approach. Let’s delve into how businesses can benefit from having Zogics as their preferred vendor, drawing insights from our successful partnership with Snap Fitness.

Operational Efficiency

Franchises like Snap Fitness can significantly enhance operational efficiency by centralizing purchasing through a preferred vendor. Zogics simplifies procurement processes, allowing businesses to rely on a single source for a wide range of products. This consolidation reduces administrative burdens, enabling them to focus on core business activities and provide excellent service to their customers.

"As a Snap Fitness franchise owner, our experience with Zogics is superb!" - Joy C., Snap Fitness, St. Louis Park

Just like our friends from Snap Fitness, your business can boost operational efficiency by centralizing purchasing through Zogics. Instead of managing multiple suppliers, you can start to streamline your procurement process, freeing up time and resources.

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Top 10 Must-Have Products for Your Space

Ready to upgrade your facility? Here are some top picks from Snap Fitness that will make your space shine:

1. Zogics Wellness Center Wipes
Our premium Wellness Center Wipes are meticulously crafted to maintain impeccable hygiene standards in fitness centers, spas, and clinics.

2. Zogics Antibacterial Disinfecting Wipes
Harness the power of our antibacterial wipes to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria, ensuring a pristine and safe environment.

3. Zogics Sanitizing Wipes
Conveniently sanitize surfaces with our quick-drying wipes, perfect for busy professionals and health-conscious individuals.

4. Zogics Wipes Dispenser, Upward Dispensing
Improve your hygiene protocols with our sleek, upward-dispensing wipes dispenser, designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance.

5. Zogics 3 in 1 Body Wash, Hand Soap & Shampoo, Citrus + Aloe
Experience the refreshing blend of citrus and aloe in our multifunctional product, ideal for gyms, hotels, and spas.

6. Zogics Wipes Dispenser, Stainless Steel Floor Dispenser
Impress clients and guests with our durable stainless steel floor dispenser, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

7. Zogics Jumbo Toilet Paper, 2-Ply, 1000 ft/roll
Guarantee restroom comfort with our soft, high-capacity jumbo toilet paper, perfect for commercial spaces.

8. Zogics Standard Toilet Paper, 2-Ply, 400 Sheets
Trust our reliable 2-ply toilet paper for everyday use, providing comfort and quality.

9. Zogics Paper Towels, 800 ft
Absorbent and eco-friendly, our paper towels are a practical choice for any setting, from offices to fitness studios.

10. Zogics Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer, Citrus + Aloe
Prioritize hand hygiene with our gentle, alcohol-free foam sanitizer, leaving hands refreshed and protected.

Cost Savings

Partnering with a preferred vendor like Zogics can lead to substantial cost savings. Zogics offers competitive pricing on a vast array of products, leveraging bulk purchasing power and strong manufacturer relationships to secure better pricing. These savings help businesses reduce overall expenses and reinvest in their facilities and services.

"Great product. Very well priced for the amount you get. Will definitely buy again." - Brandon D, Snap Fitness Dansville

Our clients at Snap Fitness benefit from the cost savings achieved through Zogics' competitive pricing on essential products like cleaning supplies, AEDs, and gym wipes. These savings enhance their bottom line and support reinvestment in their facilities.

Consistent and Reliable Supply

Ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of essential products is crucial for maintaining operations and customer satisfaction. Zogics provides dependable delivery of products, often with next-day service, ensuring that franchises always have the supplies they need without disruptions. 

"Works well, smells good, and our members love it. Customer service is top notch as well. Look no further as you have found the company you need for sanitary wipes!" - Blake M, Snap Fitness Rio Grande City

Snap Fitness has benefited from the reliable and timely delivery of products from Zogics, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety without any supply chain interruptions.

Streamlined Ordering Process

A streamlined ordering process is another significant benefit of having a preferred vendor. Zogics offers a unified platform for ordering a comprehensive range of facility needs, simplifying procurement and reducing the time and effort required to manage orders and inventory. 

"Love these wipes!! They keep our machines so clean AND I like how easy it is for me to email and get my order placed with the nice gal!" - Kelli N, Snap Fitness Foley

Through this, any Snap Fitness branch can quickly and easily place orders, track deliveries, and manage their supply inventory through a portal, along with dedicated account managers.

Exceptional Service and Support

Preferred vendors like Zogics offer exceptional service and support, drawing on extensive industry experience to provide tailored programs and expert guidance. This support helps franchises navigate supply management complexities and find solutions to enhance their operations.

"Excellent Service and great product." - Jerry P, Snap Fitness Westfield

With nearly two decades of experience, Zogics has provided Snap Fitness franchises with exceptional service and support, ensuring they receive consistent, high-quality service and valuable insights to improve their operations.

Supporting Franchise Growth

On top of all of this, the benefits of partnering with a preferred vendor extend beyond day-to-day operations. Simplified procurement processes and better pricing support the expansion and profitability of franchises, enabling our clients to focus on growth opportunities.

Zogics-SnapSnap Fitness and Zogics partnership's success is a powerful testament to the value Zogics brings to the table. Businesses and franchises in the fitness industry looking to enhance operational efficiency, achieve cost savings, and find a reliable supply chain should consider Zogics as their preferred vendor. With a proven track record of exceptional service, competitive pricing, and expert support, Zogics is well-equipped to help your business thrive.

Interested? Explore the benefits of choosing Zogics as your preferred vendor and experience the transformative impact of a strategic partnership. Chat with us on zogics.com or send us an email at hello@zogics.com.

One vendor. Lower pricing. Better service.

Zogics is the trusted supplier for top fitness chains, ensuring smooth and profitable operations. Explore our top products and resources for gyms.

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