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Welcome, Snap Fitness!

We are thrilled to have been named a Snap Fitness Preferred Vendor!

Snap Fitness is a global leader in fitness franchises, with nearly 1,400 clubs worldwide and some 15-20 new clubs added monthly.

Snap Fitness is known for their clean, safe and affordable gyms, making Zogics a perfect match to supply our entire range of industry leading products, including:

We are honored to already serve hundreds Snap Fitness gyms across the United States, Canada and Australia, and we look forward to helping even more. If you own/manage a Snap Fitness and would like to set up an account with Zogics or learn more about our products, give us a ring at 888.623.0088 or email us at hello@zogics.com.

Ordering from Zogics could not be easier. We man the phones nearly around the clock, have a mobile friendly website and even developed our own iOS app for ordering our popular gym wipes on the run.

As always, we offer guaranteed low pricing, never any contracts or commitments, 1-2 day standard shipping to most locations in North America and unparalleled customer service.

Snap Fitness joins a number leading gym chains that choose Zogics for their facility needs. Interested in making Zogics a Preferred Vendor for your company? Get in touch!

About Zogics
We’re a super nimble one-stop resource for businesses in the business of serving others. We make our customers look really good. Whether they are in the health, fitness, hospitality, educational, or spa industries, Zogics provides what they need to keep their facilities clean, safe and happy. Yup! We have manufactured, sourced, tested, studied, and curated the best products to fit our customer’s needs. Everything from soup to nuts. I mean wipes to towels. Then we help our customers every step of the way with the best, most informed, friendly customer service team in the galaxy. Our goal is not sales, but super satisfied customers. Learn more at zogics.com.

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