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The Best Fitness Apps For Your Health Goals

Zogics_Blog_May_2016_Fitness_Apps.jpgWith Summer on the horizon, people are starting to shed their winter clothes for much cooler apparel such as shorts and tank tops. If you're presently not in shape; wearing those two clothing items is definitely not on the menu. If you've never worked out a day in your life or if you want to get back in shape, Fitness Apps can help you in your quest for a healthy and great looking body.

Of course with any training regimen you have to eat right and exercise. Getting plenty of sleep is also required because that's when the body actually heals and grows. If you're doing one over the other you're selling yourself short. Here are some of the best apps for human wellness.

Exercise/Training Apps

  • Fitnet is great for those people who can't seem to find time to workout. This training involves many targeted workouts that only require 5 to 7 minutes of your time. Since most people are on the go; this app lets you get plenty of small workouts throughout the day. Now you won't have to sacrifice any time with your family and friends. The app also measures how closely your movements are on the screen.
  • Sworkit is very versatile because you can tell the app what type of training you want to do and for how much time you've got. The app processes your intentions and delivers the movement to you during your session. For an $5 per month, the app lets you personalize it with reps and sets.
  • Motion Traxx is designed for those who like to train their body with the motion and rhythm of the music. If you're unsure of how hard to train, this app automatically sets the tone for you.

Food/Meal Apps

  • Meal Snap is very innovative and lets you take a picture of your meal, then it will roughly estimate the calories in it. If you're a calorie counter, this is for you. Each meal can be tagged and shared on social media as well. This app makes you more aware of what you're putting into your system.
  • Weight Watchers is basic, yet effective by tracking your consumption and it assesses the good and the bad of the meal. The app is like a diary in a sense and there is a community aspect that lets you how other people stack up against you.
  • Fooducate allows you to scan the bar codes of food items and it quickly grades the food on a scale from A-D via your phone camera.

Wellness Apps

  • Fitness Buddy is like having your own fitness journal. The app delivers 1,000+ exercises, over 3,000+ retina displays, and it gives you the ability to tailor 45+ workouts to fit your needs.
  • Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker is great for those suffering with hypertension. The app lets you track everything from your heart rate, blood pressure, and body weight. It quickly keeps track and easy to use.
  • Pocket Pharmacist is handy and gives it's users easy to read drug information. Now you won't have to guess when taking meds. Just input the information and the app does the rest.

     There you have it; the best food, wellness, and exercise apps currently available. Each app is easy to use and most of all free. With hundreds of health apps being offered to society there isn't any reason that you can't reach your fitness goals. These apps should be used as a guide, but proper training and dieting is the backbone for getting fit.

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