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There's a Reason We're Here - Halloween Edition

Amber Waves of Autumn

The quiet towns of the Berkshires are once again watching the verdant hills that recently popped with hues of scarlet and gold, fade to a phantasmal frondescence.

Halloween is once again upon us. And from Bigfoot sightings to UFOs to ghosts to lost and abandoned cemeteries and to haunted houses, the "Spooky Berkshires" has many a mysterious story to share. Here are just a few of our favorites.

October Mountain State Forest
Just outside the steps of the Zogics office is one of the most extraordinary and curious places in Berkshire county: October Mountain State Forest. October Mountain spans 11,000 acres and 4 towns across the Berkshires. It's also home to a haunted 19th century cemetery, multiple Bigfoot sightings, and even sightings of the elusive, and controversial, eastern panther. Read more about These Mysterious Hills.

The Houghton Mansion
Nestled in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains is one of New England's most mysterious and haunted buildings -- the Houghton Mansion. This Church Street landmark was the home of the city's first mayor and is purportedly haunted by his daughter Mary, who was killed in a traffic accident, and his chauffeur, who was so distraught he killed himself. Now a Masonic Temple, the house has become a regular stop on the paranormal circuit and has been featured prominently in several "ghostly" television series. Take a ghostly tour of this home...if you dare.

The Mount
Ghost-themed tours of The Mount in Lenox are now an annual occurrence. Edith Wharton herself had a marked interest in the paranormal, and wrote much on the subject of ghosts, so it is fitting that her custom made mansion has been surrounded by accounts of unexplained phenomenon for most of its history. Take a tour and experience creaking floors, slamming doors, and ghostly footsteps.

New Boston Inn
In Sandisfield, the New Boston Inn has seen continued interest in its haunted history since being nationally televised. Legend has long held that a bride named Harriet was slain there by a jealous suitor just before her wedding, and this is said to be the cause of certain unsolved happenings at the 1737 B&B. For years owner Barbara Colorio has offered a free stay to anyone who can uncover historical evidence of this supposed tragedy in the town's spotty early records, a prize that no one has yet claimed despite several earnest attempts. Will you claim this prize?

Can spot The Houghton Mansion in this New England Legends video?:

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