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There’s a Reason We’re Here

Naumkeag-GardensWhether born in these rolling hills, or you’ve come to the ivory-steeple towns later in life, there are a kaleidoscope of reasons we call the Berkshires home. Our sense of place is deeply rooted in the bucolic landscape and storied past. The farm-to-table culture thriving today celebrates our county's agricultural DNA (One of the first CSAs in North America originated here). Spend an autumn day touring our quiet country roads and you just might happen upon a Gilded Age summer “cottage” cresting through a medley of sorbet-colored leaves.

Literary luminaries like Edith Wharton and Herman Melville descended here for many of the same reasons we do today. It’s not just the clean mountain air and foliage that attracts New Yorkers and Bostonians alike. They settle into our hamlets, sit at our tables, and sink into our theatre seats because they get it: Berkshire County is a special place.

But don’t just take our word for it…

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Edible Manhattan waxes poetic about pork chops and the top restaurants in our area: Less Than a Three-Hour Drive From Manhattan, Berkshire Mountain Majesty

Because preserving our way of life is important to Zogics, we are committed partners of 1% for the planet and The Trustees of Reservations.

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