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Top Blog Posts & Guides of 2016

As 2016 winds down, and before 2017 rolls around we’ve compiled our most-read blog posts from the past year. We hope you enjoy lookig back at our top most viewed articles and guides from the Zogics blog this year. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

5 Ways To Increase Your Gym Profitability

Zogics_IndustryNews_ProfitCenter-1.pngAre you worried that memberships are the only source of revenue for your gym? Worry not - there are many ways to develop additional revenue streams for your health club! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some elbow grease. Read More >>

Alcohol-Based Vs. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

Zogics_Blog_2012_HandSanitizers_1-1.jpgAs we become collectively more aware of the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that threaten our health every day, hand sanitizers have become a common place item on our desktops, in our bags and are popping up more and more in grocery stores, gyms and other facilities we all frequent. Read more >>

How To Increase Gym Membership & Retention

Zogics_Blog_March_2016_MemberRetention.jpgEvery gym owner's primary concern should be increasing membership and retaining current members. This is a much more difficult challenge than it seems on the surface. There is plenty of competition out there and many people are turning to alternative fitness methods that do not require a gym membership. Let's take a look at the best ways to boost new members and maintain a desirable retention rate. Read more >>

Resistance Bands vs. Weights

Zogics_TrainingTips_WeightsvResistance-1.pngThe fitness and wellness world is constantly growing and evolving with the introduction of new fitness trends from barre exercise to one of the latest crazes, TRX suspension training. Newcomer on the scene this year are resistance bands. Some fitness enthusiasts swear by these versatile, elastic bands while others are a little hesitant to drop their dumbbells. Those that are left unsure ask the question, “which is better?” Here’s a look at what each of these muscle-building tools offer. Read more >>

6 Instagram Tips for Gyms

Zogics_Blog_August_2016_Instagram_Tips-1.jpgAs you probably already know, Instagram is a social media app for sharing photos and short videos. Although there is space for captions and comments, Instagram is mostly visually based. It’s one of the newest, but already has more than 400 million monthly active users. As a health club, you can use Instagram to gain followers (ideally your members), engage with them and build an online community. Here are 6 Instagram marketing tips for gyms. Read more >>

Guide to Increasing Your Gym Profitability

gym-profitability.jpegExplore how to increase your gym profit with this free guide. Plus, learn how to implement or improve upon 6 different profit centers that will keep your members happy and your CFO happier! Read more >>

How To Open A Gym: Budgeting 101

how-to-open-gym-guide.pngThe wellness industry is full of extremely successful personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts that all share the same goal of opening their own facility and being their own boss some day. For many of them, the passion and level of education for training clients is a well developed skill that has been finely tuned over many years of practice. However, the education for opening, operating and maintaining a successfully thriving business is typically an area in which they are lacking. Many trainers pull the trigger on opening their own facility without doing their due diligence. Read more >>

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