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Top Exercises With Resistance Bands


With so many different types of exercise equipment, you probably don't know where to start. Resistance bands are a great and safer way to tone and sculpt the body without all of the wear and tear on your joints, or the anxiety of using scary gym machines.

Resistance bands are a great addition to your strength training routine or exercise program and come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths.

Consider the benefits of using resistance bands as part of your regular fitness routine: 

Strength Building:

The elasticity and flexibility of resistance bands offers the capability to be used for just about any muscle group. Either seated or standing; the constant tension is just as effective as weights and can be used unilaterally or bilaterally. The bands do come in different sizes and strengths, so make sure you pick a resistance level that works best for you. Whether lower-body or upper-body; the options are endless.

Lean Muscle Tone:

If you're not looking to bulk up massively; resistance bands are perfect for you. The effectiveness of the design sculpts the body, rather than building it up. These bands are especially popular with women as it tends to give a longer, leaner frame without packing on mass. 

Body Health:

Many athletes use these products after an injury or accident. The band’s movement doesn't stress the joints as it strengthens simultaneously. Older adults also benefit as the bands tend to improve blood flow.


There are so many exercises that you can do with resistance bands both indoors or outdoors, you can take your favorite bands anywhere! 

Top Exercises with Resistance Bands

Shoulder Press: While standing on the band with feet apart, pull the handles up to your shoulders. With palms facing away, begin pressing up. To decrease resistance, bring your feet closer (widening your feet will have the opposite effect).



Squats: With the band underneath your feet and the handles pulled over each shoulder, begin the squatting motion. Unlike using free-weights, the safety factor is much lower during this low impact movement.


Bicep Curls: Standing with the middle of the band under your feet, place a handle in each hand. Begin curling up and down. Moving your feet closer or wider apart will assist in reaching the perfect resistance.


Leg Lift Glute: Inserting your legs into the band, lift one leg upwards to target your glutes. Repeat on one side before switching to the other leg. 


Glute Activation Exercises: Perform squats, keeping the knees out in line with the second toe for 2-3 sets of 10-15. For side steps, come into a squat position and take small, controlled steps to the side for 10-12 rps, both ways for 2 sets. Ensure the hips stay low in the squat position and refrain from any bouncing movement.


The benefits of using resistance bands are often under-estimated but these simple devices not only prevent injury and joint overuse, but they also allow you to bring the gym wherever you go. Try some of these exercises now and reap the benefits of a leaner, more sculpted you!

 The Products:

Want your own resistance bands to use for your next workout? Here are a few awesome ones to consider:

Stroops Slastix Toner: Designed to withstand 6-35lbs of resistance, these bands offer the opportunity for various resistance exercises.

Black Mountain Resistance Bands: Made out of the highest quality rubber, these colorful, light-weight bands are perfect for using outdoors or while on travel.

Stroops Slastix Loop: While open-ended resistance bands can be used for lower body impact, this looped band opens up simple and safe possibilities for leg exercises. Covered in soft fabric, this band is ideal for comfort.

Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle: Increase lower body sculpting and toning with this Ankle Tubing, available in three resistance strengths. It works all lower-body muscle groups. 

Merrithew Non-latex Flex-Band: Incorporate this ultimate sculpting tool, the Flex-Band®, into your matwork routine to add upper and lower body resistance training into your workout. Simulate the flexibility and resistance exercises performed on the Reformer with this non-toxic, recyclable Flex-Band.

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