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Trash Can Liners Guide | Garbage Can Liners

Trash Can LIners guide

Contrary to popular belief, there are significant differences between trash can liners. No two trash can liners are the same. We are proud to carry an array of commercial can liners and wholesale trash bags at incredibly low prices. No matter what sort of environment you want to use your trashcan liner in, we can help. Our selection of plastic can liners is unparalleled. Our liners and bags are used in residential, industrial and commercial spaces.

No matter what size or style of liner you are looking for, you can rest easy knowing our inventory will accommodate your clean-up needs. Capacity ranges start at 4 gallons and go all the way up to 60 gallons. Furthermore, our liners and bags won't bust your budget. We have something for everyone at an affordable price. Whether you are a custodial contractor seeking a bulk order of liners or a homeowner on the prowl for a single item, we've got you covered. We consider everyone a customer for good reason: Our business is willing to accommodate all needs. Furthermore, our wide variety of liners and bags ships without delay. We strive to exceed standards in terms of delivery time as well as quality of liner.

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From Large to Small, Our Plastic Bags are the Answer

We are proud to offer the industry's best plastic trash can liners and bags. Look no further than our vast inventory for all of your disposal needs. Perhaps you need a box of diminutive garbage can liners for your bathroom or kitchen. Or, maybe you need bulky trash bags for a work site cleanup project. We have each of these extremes and everything in between. Do not hesitate to buy your wholesale garbage bags in bulk. A large order will preserve your hard-earned money and time.


High Density Garbage Bags

We have an extensive inventory of high density commercial garbage bags to choose from. These bags are measured in microns. Microns are one thousandth of a single millimeter. A high density commercial garbage bag with a high mic count indicates the bag is extremely strong and perfect for use at businesses and/or bathrooms. These bags can be used in any sort of site where large amounts of paper waste and other debris must be eliminated. As long as sharp items aren't put in such a bag, its integrity will remain true. Do not place binders, staplers, large metal objects, heavy sheet metals and other objects with jagged edges in such a bag.

If you have sharp objects that you would like to dispose of, use a low density clear or black garbage bag. These bags are measured in mil count, meaning .001 of one inch. A bag with a high mil count is one with considerable girth. This style of bag can withstand the brunt of sharp objects and not break. Such a bag is ideal for industrial use.


Trashcan Liners for Construction

Anyone who has worked construction knows that reliable trash bags and liners are necessary. These work sites require heavy-duty liners that can withstand the brunt of bulky items with jagged perimeters. Don't fret! We've got exactly what you need. Whether you are on the prowl for industrial trash bags of low density that can stretch without breaking or another nuanced liner, we have it. Our liners are built to withstand considerable resistance, guard against potential tears and resist punctures.


Trash Liners for Medical Settings

If you work in a medical facility, hospital or physician's office, we invite you to check out our line of biohazard waste bags. These are the high-quality bags you need to safely dispose of waste items containing biological substances. They range in size from gigantic 55 gallon varieties all the way down to 10 gallons. Put your faith in these bags and you will have considerable peace of mind knowing they can be filled up without the threat of breakage.


Liners for Commercial Purposes

We have an assortment of high density plastic garbage can liners for commercial purposes. You can use these in your office, home or facility's restroom. We even have translucent trash bags of all different sizes for recycling purposes. Perhaps you encourage your office employees to recycle for a "green" work environment. Make use of our gallon capacity liners and you will rest easy knowing your refuse is stored in a liner that won't break under pressure.


Popular Brand Name Bags

Our trashcan bags and liners are not limited to the varieties outlined above. We also have an array of brand name bags and liners to boot. From Hefty to Glad, we've got a diverse selection of wholesale trash bags. Take a look at our inventory and you will see popular brand name drawstring bags for garden use, lawn use, kitchen use and beyond.

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