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Wellnessmats Fitnessmats

June 03, 2016 By Zogics

Zogics_Blog_June_2016_Wellnessmats_Fitnessmats.jpgWe are ecstatic to introduce the newest addition to our product lineup: WellnessMats.

WellnessMats, the leader in premium therapeutic anti-fatigue floor mats, recently expanded into the fitness industry with the launch of their FitnessMats. Offering a complete line of elite training exercise mats for fitness centers or home gyms, FitnessMats revolutionize every fitness experience by offering the ultimate in comfort, support, performance, cleanliness and durability.

Made in the USA, the high traction, smooth surface of FitnessMats are easy to clean and disinfect. The ADA-compliant beveled edges will never curl up, reducing trip or slip hazards. The 7-year warranty ensures that FitnessMats will retain their buoyancy and support, significantly reducing replacement costs.

FitnessMat is the fitness enthusiast’s go-to gym accessory, enhancing the workout experience by making it clean, safe, comfortable, and an all-around premium exercise. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, free weights, stretching and more, the FitnessMat is designed to perform and built to last, while providing a luxurious fitness experience.

FitnessMats come in two sizes, 4’ l x 2.2’ w or 6’ l x 2.5’ w, three colors, black, grey and brown, and the option to customize with a logo.

Want to check out the products for yourself? Shop WellnessMats here

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