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What is BOSU?

What is bosu and what does bosu stand for?

What is Balance Training?

The BOSU Balance Trainer, commonly referred to as BOSU, hit the market back in the year 2000. Invented by David Weck, this piece of exercise equipment has quickly become one of the leading fitness products in countries across the globe. BOSU was selected as the product's name as it originally stood for “both sides up”. This meant the BOSU Balance Trainer could be used with the platform or dome side up. Nowadays, BOSU stands for “both sides utilized”.

The Basics of BOSU

The BOSU Balance Trainer enhances physical balance with integrated movements. BOSU's use impacts the muscles as well as the nerve connections and the brain. The end result is an improvement in performance across all sorts of activities from sports to daily activities, recreational sports and beyond.

At its core, BOSU is all about boosting movement capabilities, rebuilding the body and bolstering mental strength. This form of training is centered on thoughtful movement in which one is physically and mentally engaged. Though BOSU can certainly push the body to its limits, when properly performed, it will enhance physical fitness.

What is a bosu ball used for?

About the BOSU Balance Trainer

The Balance Trainer is one of several fitness training products available beneath the overarching BOSU training umbrella. This is a solid platform with a diameter of about 25 inches. There is an inflatable dome connected to the platform. The dome should be inflated until firm and a height of 8-10 inches off the floor. The recessed handles along the sides and bottom of the platform facilitate carrying and turning it over.

The founders of the BOSU Balance Trainer made this device to boost functional balance and integrated movement. It provides the perfect means of enhancing balance and core stability. It can also be used in a standalone fashion as a tool for functional training. It does not matter if you have fallen behind on your exercise schedule, hate exercising or are in fantastic shape, this Balance Trainer will make exercise appealing.

What is a Bosu ball?

BOSU's Complete Workout System

The BOSU system was created to help fitness instructors make individual exercises, drills and sequences easier or harder as appropriate. If you own or manage a gym, you will find the BOSU system makes it quite easy for fitness professionals to customize individual client workouts and plan classes for several members. The BOSU Balance Trainer system even comes with a helpful programming manual that covers the basics of balance training, how to use the device, and safety tips.

Choose Your Workout Length

BOSU workouts can be suited to fit whatever block of time you have available. Whether you have an hour or as little as 15 minutes, it is possible to develop an effective BOSU workout. If you have a mere 15 minutes, start out by warming up for a couple minutes. Choose four exercises and perform a set of 10-20 reps for each of the exercises. Unilateral exercises should be performed on each side of the body. Drill-based exercises should be extended across a full minute.

If you have more time, warm up for a full five minutes. Choose 10 exercises and perform 10-20 reps of each. If you have more than half an hour, expand each portion of the BOSU complete workout in proportion with the amount of time you can dedicate to the workout.



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