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Where Does Dirt Hide in Your Facility?

March 01, 2017 By Zogics

Where is the dirt?

The good news: 2 out of 3 health club members report they have never been to a club they perceived as unclean and 84% view their current club as clean.

When you look into how much money your club might lose if you don’t keep a clean club, IHRSA estimated the following:

  • Average number of members in clubs = 2,300
  • Average annual membership fee = $600
  • % of members where unclean environment contributed to decision to leave: 3% or 69 members
  • Estimated dollars lost = $41,400 per year (69 members x $600)

The Impact of Cleanliness:

9 out of 10 consumers who perceive their club as extremely clean are likely to renew their membership, compared to only 5 out of 10 consumers who perceive their club as unclean. Maintaining an exceptionally clean club can help you retain 4 out of 10 additional members a year.

Prevent Attrition:

1 out of 5 members has considered leaving their current club. Despite this alarming statistic, you have the power to “tip the scale” in your club’s favor. You can rise to meet this concern by focusing on features that add
value to membership, such as hiring qualified staff, keeping a clean environment, and providing a wide selection of equipment and group exercise classes.

The Bottom Line:
Unclean Club=Lost Revenue

While clean clubs win with members, the inverse is also true: The perception of an unclean club can lead to lost revenue. For 10% of members who have recently quit a gym, the unclean environment of the club contributed to their decision to terminate their membership.

(Post adapted from IHRSA's Guide to Health Club Cleanliness)

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