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Why Cleaning Matters: A Clean Facility is a Healthy Facility

Recent news reports aim to discredit the cleaning efforts that have been recommended by the CDC and the WHO in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. While there may be good information in the reports for at-home cleaning and disinfecting efforts (no need to wipe down your groceries, unless it makes you feel better), when it comes to facility cleaning, there should be no let-up.

Why, you ask? Facilities by their general nature are open to the public or a larger population; elementary schools, colleges and universities, fitness centers, offices, warehouses, healthcare and hospitality, and more allow for more than just a few people to congregate. More people = more germs, and more high touch point areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected.


Maintain Your Focus (But Don't Lose Sight of the Bigger Cleaning Picture)

As mentioned above, focus your multiple-times-a-day disinfecting efforts on those spaces that need it most: doorknobs, elevator buttons, restrooms, common areas, but don't neglect thorough cleaning and disinfecting throughout your facility. To help, we've created several free Clean Guides that cover every space in your facility that requires cleaning and disinfecting.


Disinfect using electrostatic sprayers


Facility Signage: Optics are Important

In fact, there's now a new level of cleanliness as we continue through this ongoing pandemic; if your customers, your staff, or your clientele aren't aware of your cleaning efforts, you'll lose their trust in your cleaning protocols. Making sure you have appropriate signage, messaging, and communication around your cleaning efforts. These are paramount in reassuring your staff and clientele and creating an atmosphere of trust.  


Reduce your risk of infection by 95% with the Clean Air System


Air: The New Frontier

While much of the cleaning focus in the past year has been on surfaces, air quality and air purification are increasingly more and more on the minds of health researchers, the CDC, and WHO. If you have fans in your facility, making an investment in this type of technology is well worth the money spent. We're proud to offer Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System, which is designed to provide more comfortable air that everyone can enjoy. 


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