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How to Create a Culture of Clean for Your Fitness Facility

Many communities have begun phased reopening, posing an exciting but challenging question for gym and fitness facility owners: what now?

Unfortunately, reopening won’t be as simple as turning a key and switching on the lights. Your facility will have to take extra precautions to make the space safe for staff and members and to reassure them that it’s okay to return. Here’s a reopening checklist to get your gym or fitness center prepared for its comeback.

1. Deep clean your facility.

And we do mean deep clean your facility. No stone (or hand weight) should be left unturned in this process. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by downloading our comprehensive cleaning guidelines for gyms and follow the room-by-room cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting instructions.

2. Create messaging around cleaning protocols and any new safety guidelines.

Find ways to communicate with your clientele before they arrive, during their gym session, and after they leave. Fitness center members want to know that they are safe from getting sick— health is obviously a top priority for them, right? This is why your team must take steps to create informative messaging that shows how your facility is tackling cleaning and safety protocols. Prioritize posting signs throughout the center as well as sending member emails to outline how your facility is taking care of COVID-19 concerns. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created some helpful messaging templates.

3. Train staff on safety and cleaning protocols.

Your staff is the first line of defense against member health concerns. Set them up for success by providing the proper training. Do not expect your staff to come back knowing CDC guidelines for fitness facilities or proper cleaning protocols post-COVID. Creating easy-to-follow daily cleaning procedures will help keep your staff on track, and talking through the new messaging with them will help staff keep the clientele informed.

4. Take an inventory and stock up on necessary cleaning supplies.

Do you have all of the commercial cleaning supplies needed for daily rounds, nightly scrub downs, and for members to use at their stations? Chances are, you will probably need to add more supplies to your stockroom, especially when it comes to gym disinfectant wipes or sprays for equipment. We’ve created a list of must-have cleaning supplies and gym disinfectants to make sure you have them in stock before opening your fitness center doors.


Keep in mind that reopening doesn’t mean that we are back to our pre-COVID normal. Stay up-to-date on new developments and make adjustments accordingly. Find additional resources on the CDC website regarding communication, worker safety, and cleaning and disinfecting guidance, and through fitness industry resources such as IHRSA's Coronavirus updates and AFS's Reopening Guidelines.

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