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Zogics Provides Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Loews Hotels

Zogics Indoor Air Quality Division announces it has supplied Loews Hotels with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions.

Zogics' range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions includes the latest technology in IAQ, such as air purifiers, industrial fans, and evaporative coolers from brands such as Surgically Clean Air, Big Ass Fans, Vidashield UV24, ThinkLite Air, Molekule, Fellowes, and Austin Air. These solutions enable Zogics’ customers to improve and measure the improvements to the air quality in their spaces, providing assurance to both their employees and customers that the air they are breathing is safe and clean. Further bolstering this suite of IAQ solutions is the recently launched NSpire HVAC Filters division of Zogics, offering customers a complete range of replacement HVAC air filters.

Zogics indoor air quality solutions for hotelsAbout Zogics

Zogics supplies businesses worldwide with items that keep them operating at their best. Customers across diverse industries rely on Zogics for products in a wide range of categories such as cleaning and disinfecting, indoor air quality, safety, and facility. Zogics has been named one of Financial Times Americas’ fastest-growing companies (2022, 2021, 2020), and was included in Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America (2018 to date) as well as Inc. Best Workplaces. Together with zogics.com, the Zogics family of brands includes The Cleaning Station, Nspire Filters, Zogics Pet, and Ardent Fitness. For more information, visit zogics.com.

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