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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Commercial Space

In this post:

  • Common mistakes when cleaning and disinfecting your place of business
  • Learn about the difference between cleaning and disinfecting
  • Discover the proper products to use, and more

jan23-newyear-checklist_1High-traffic areas in commercial settings need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently, simply due to the number of people passing through. However, there are common mistakes that can happen while cleaning and disinfecting. In this blog post, we will discuss five mistakes to avoid.


Mistake #1: Not Understanding the Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same things.

Cleaning refers to removing dirt, grime, and dust from surfaces, while disinfecting refers to killing germs and viruses on surfaces (see our full blog post on the distinctions between cleaning and disinfecting).

While cleaning is important, it is not enough to prevent the spread of illnesses.

How to avoid this? Remember that C comes before D: cleaning comes before disinfecting. To properly disinfect your commercial space, you need clean first, and be sure to use the right products and tools as well as follow the manufacturer's instructions on your cleaning supplies


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Commerical Cleaning Space - Zogics Clean Concentrates


Mistake #2: Not Using the Right Products or Using Them Incorrectly

Not all cleaning products are created equal. It's important to use the right product for the job and to follow the instructions on the label. Using the wrong product or using a product incorrectly can be ineffective or even harmful.

For example, using a disinfectant that is not approved by the EPA or using too much of a product can be harmful to people and the environment. Using a cleaning tool that's not right for the surface can cause irreparable damage. 

The right way? You should always follow the instructions on your cleaning tools, and use the recommended amount of product. You should also make sure you follow the correct dilution rates for concentrated cleaners, allow for appropriate dwell times to ensure your surfaces are properly disinfected, and be sure you're using the right cleaning tools for your surfaces (for example, wood flooring needs different cleaning tools and cleaners than rubber flooring).


cleaning and disinfecting a commercial business


Mistake #3: Not Cleaning and Disinfecting Often Enough

Cleaning and disinfecting should be done frequently to keep your commercial space clean and healthy. Waiting too long between cleanings can allow germs to build up and increase the risk of illnesses spreading.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting will depend on the type of commercial space and the amount of traffic it receives. Generally, high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently than other areas.

The best practice: get into the cleaning groove. Develop and implement a true cleaning schedule, noting which areas need to be cleaned daily or multiple times a day, which are to be deep cleaned once a week, and so on. Review the cleaning schedule with your team and post it in a visible location.




Mistake #4: Neglecting High-Touch Areas

High-touch areas in commercial spaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons, are hotspots for germs and viruses. Neglecting to clean and disinfect these areas can lead to the spread of illnesses.

Make sure to pay extra attention to high-touch areas when cleaning and disinfecting your commercial space. These areas should be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day, especially during flu season or other times of high illness activity. To make cleaning these spaces easier for staff and guests in your buildings, place disinfecting wipes and dispensers near doors, in common areas, and wherever people gather. 


Facility cleaning mistakes to avoid


Mistake #5: Not Having a Cleaning Plan in Place

A cleaning plan is essential for keeping your commercial space clean and healthy. A plan should include the schedule of cleaning and disinfecting, the areas that need to be cleaned, and the products that will be used. Having a plan in place can ensure that cleaning and disinfecting tasks are not overlooked and that all areas are properly addressed.

The solution: a formal cleaning plan. When creating a cleaning plan, consider the unique needs of your commercial space. For example, a medical office may require more frequent and thorough cleaning than a retail store. The plan should also be flexible and able to adapt to changing needs, such as an increase in foot traffic or a flu outbreak. You should review your plan yearly, or as needs arise.

Keeping your commercial space clean and healthy is essential for the well-being of your employees and customers. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your cleaning and disinfecting efforts are effective and efficient. Remember to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting, use the right products, clean and disinfect frequently, pay attention to high-touch areas, and have a cleaning plan in place. With these tips, you can keep your commercial space clean and healthy for everyone who uses it.


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