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5 Weight Machines to Upgrade Your Gym


If your gym doesn't have an abundance of weight machines or if your members seem to have grown tired of your current offerings, it is time to add some new equipment. New weight machines combined with the right fitness center supplies will give your fitness facility a rapid makeover that rejuvenates interest and attracts new members.

Weight machines are especially important for those who do not have full balance, strength or range of motion as this equipment is safer to use than free weights. Free weights typically require the use of numerous stabilizing muscles. There is no risk of dropping heavy free weights on one's feet when you have access to a weight machine. Most weight machines also have informative “how-to” guides posted in easily visible spaces to boot. Let's take a look at the top weight machines to add to your fitness facility.


The Horizontal Seated Leg Press Machine

Put a horizontal seated leg press machine in your gym and your members will be quite excited. This weight machine works the calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Ask any trainer about the horizontal seated leg press machine and he will testify to its incredible impact on the lower body. Indeed, this weight machine is the “go-to” piece of gym equipment for those interested in strengthening their lower body. If it is used with the proper technique it will help your gym members gradually transition toward squats performed off of the machine (if desired).


The Cable Biceps Bar

This weight machine gives the biceps a fantastic workout. Don't force your gym members to engage in the wild and unsafe swinging required when using traditional dumbbells. It is better to make use of a cable biceps bar weight machine in which members can raise and lower the weights at a pace that is comfortable for them. The cable allows for safe and controlled lifts, empowering your fitness facility members to perfect their form and build considerable bicep muscle.

Cybex Weight Machines

Cybex has developed quite the reputation in the fitness industry for its top-notch strength training equipment. These machines are designed to minimize the stress on joints and generate rapid strength gains. The company's selectorized strength machines are built by accomplished engineers who have developed an in-depth understanding of the human body. These professionals have a genuine drive to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their potential.

Cybex weight machines like the Eagle NX, VR1 and Prestige VRS make use of cutting edge technology backed by scientific evidence. Cybex's plate loaded line makes efficient use of space with a user-friendly design that accommodates users of all sizes. Everyone from fitness newbies to advanced weight lifters will find Cybex's plate loaded strength equipment to be extremely helpful in their quest to strengthen and tone muscles. Be sure to have ample cleaning supplies on-hand to keep these machines germ-free, clean and shiny at all times.


The Cable Triceps Bar

Also known as the Triceps Pushdown, this weight machine works the triceps better than most gym machines. Similar to the cable biceps bar and lat pull-down, the cable triceps bar allows the user to switch his grip with the use of a V-bar, a straight bar or even a rope. These alterations make the use of this weight machine that much more dynamic. Place a cable triceps bar in your gym and it won't be long until your members develop strong triceps that help them achieve balanced arm strength, perform push-ups and those uber-difficult pull-ups everyone seems to struggle with.


The Lat Pull-down Machine

This weight machine is the perfect addition to your gym. It works the widest muscle of the back, the latissimus dorsi, as well as the shoulder girdle. Fitness facility members who are provided with a lat pull-down machine will find it enhances their strength to the point that those intimidating pull-ups become quite easy.

Beginners should use the lat pull-down machine with an under grasp in which their palms face inward. This grip is easy to master and allows for an extensive working of the biceps. As your gym members progress with the lat pull-down machine, they can make lifts more challenging by bringing their hands closer to one another or by moving them far apart to form a “V” shape with their arms.

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