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7 Facebook Best Practices For Your Gym



Your health club probably has a Facebook page. You post daily and sometimes share funny fitness quotes, but how often does someone "like" or "comment"? Does it feel like you’re talking to yourself? Well, it’s because you are. Your engagement levels are low, but a few strategic shifts can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Here are seven Facebook best practices for your gym designed to help engage members:

#1: Position Your Gym As a Fitness Expert on Facebook

Choose the right content for your health club’s Facebook page.  You have the option of sharing links to other articles and websites, posting pictures and videos, and writing messages. Many Facebook users make the mistake of posting irrelevant and meaningless links. Become an expert in the fitness field. Allow your gym’s Facebook page to become the source for news and information for your members. This can include new health trends, exercise techniques, and more. Remember to not only post an article but add your gym's perspective. What can you add to the conversation that will position your club as a thought leader? 

Some Ideas: healthy recipes, recent updates on your health club, new fitness findings, travel workouts, relevant news.

#2: Engage Fitness Audiences on Facebook Social

Socialize with gym membersDon’t forget to be social. It’s called social media for a reason. Amidst all the video and photo posts, it may be easy to forget to actually socialize with your fan base. Use your gym’s Facebook page to connect directly with members. Ask and respond to questions. Many people are in and out of the gym before you can even say “hi” - this is your chance to engage in dialogue. Be sure to also set up notifications so your team can respond as quickly as possible.

Some Ideas: comment on posts, like, follow, and add friends, like and share member posts

#3: Social Media Contests and Incentives for Fitness Facilities

Studies have shown that regular gym goers have a natural inclination towards competition and incentives. You also already know this about your member base. Members workout to make gains, whether it be in muscle growth, strength or stamina. This is both an incentive and competition for your members.  Tap into this by using your gym’s Facebook account to present challenges and prizes. 

Some Ideas: fitness competitions, new year resolution challenges, weight loss challenges.

#4: Encouraging Gym Members Through Social Media Content

Motivate your gym members

Extend the helpful encouragement they receive at your facility to your social media presence. Whether directed at current or new members, inspire and encourage them. Use Facebook to post photos, messages or videos that motivate gym goers. This will have members coming back and newbies joining your gym to adopt a new lifestyle. Leverage days such as Monday (#motivationmonday) to post, as your audience can be expanded by using the right hashtags. 

Some Ideas: inspirational videos, motivational messages, before and after stories.

#5: Using Social Media to Survey Gym Members

When was the last time you asked your members what they thought of your health club? Facebook is a great way to engage members and get feedback from customers. Looking to add new studio fitness classes, or you would like to know if people like the new water fountains or TRX suspension trainers? Use Facebook and other digital platforms to find out. 

Some Ideas: Survey Monkey link, polls

#6: The Best Images To Post For a Gym or Fitness Facility

Take a gym selfie

Many businesses use stock photos on their Facebook pages, but that doesn't mean you should. Original and candid photos typically receive more engagement than stock photos. encourage your staff and members to take pictures (with permission, of course) in your fitness center. These photos can be posted on your Facebook page or shared on Instagram. Post photos of your gym staff with members. Let your followers know that their friendly, smiling faces are there to assist if needed. Use your gym’s social media presence to become more accessible to members and beyond

Some Ideas: before and after pictures/vidoes, staff photos, candid photos/videos

#7: The Right Content Strategy For Your Gym

Remember to diversify your posts. Keep your audience guessing about what you'll post, but not when you'll post. A consistent and varied content strategy will engage and grow your audience. Mix informational posts such as article links with engaging photos. People like to engage with pages that keep them wanting more.

Now that you have mastered Facebook for your fitness center, get ready to see your engagement levels sky-rocket. Still need convincing?
 Check out these benefits of social media for your health club!


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