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Back to School Cleaning & Safety Supply List

In this post:

  • A checklist of school cleaning and safety supplies
  • Links to quick and easy ordering for your student or school
  • A special back-to-school offer

With much of the country set to return to school soon (and for a lucky handful of school districts, post-Labor Day) it's a great time to make sure you have all the facility cleaning products necessary to have on hand to keep our educators and students safe. 




Essential Products for Teachers and Parents

Teachers will be prepping their classrooms with cleaning and safety items in addition to the requisite supplies like paper, pencils, dry erase markers and pens. You might be wondering what to have on hand for quick cleanups, effective hand hygiene, and virus transmission prevention. To help, we've noted the top five items in our safety supply checklist for teachers and parents:

  1. Disposable Masks
  2. Hand Sanitizer 
  3. Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  4. Disinfecting Surface Wipes
  5. Ready to Use Disinfectant
  6. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Having these items in each classroom, and as a parent, for your student, will provide students with the proper safety gear they need, plus it'll provide parents and caregivers peace of mind. A new year comes with all sorts of worries, and we're here to help ease these on the cleaning and safety front.


Plan and Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Whether you're a teacher buying for the classroom, or a parent or PTO member helping your school out, we understand the need to provide these safety supplies for your students for the upcoming year, and the concern about finding the right supplies.

Five star review from schools for Zogics

"I've been working with Zogics over the past couple of months to order cleaning and disinfecting supplies for our school. They have been wonderful - quick to respond and make suggestions! We are currently using the products and find them to be of the highest quality. We will definitely be a repeat customer!" — Deb M.


Zogics & The CARES Act

We've also been working hard to provide schools across the country with critical safety products, including air filtration and purification and disinfecting sprayers, as needed to operate with confidence in alignment with the CARES Act (part of the 2021 Presidential Executive Order), which provides guidance to reopen schools across the country.

To help you choose the right products, we’ve curated our top safety items used by school districts and universities across the country, at special promotional pricing


Zogics Supply Storage Services

Out of room at your school? Store extra supplies with us here at Zogics so your backup plan is always secure. Our Critical Supply Storage Services allow you to stock up on reserve supplies for your school without overcrowding your on-site storage. We'll keep your reserved, dedicated supplies ready to ship at our warehouse—when it's time for your school to restock, let us know and your stored supplies will be shipped out! Contact us today to learn more.


A New Year, A New Approach to Safety

Starting the year off right is easier when you've stocked the classroom with the proper cleaning and safety supplies. Start the back-to-school season off on the right foot with products that are perfect for little hands.

When it comes to shopping for school supplies that will get your kids off to the right start, pencils, erasers, planners, tissues and cleaning supplies probably come to mind first. So is making sure your kids are attending a clean, healthy classroom.


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