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Benefits of Fitness Equipment Leasing


Gym owners and managers across the world are quickly warming up to the benefits of fitness equipment leasing. Leasing your facility's fitness equipment makes sense for your budget as well as your clientele. Let's take a look at why more and more gym owners and managers are making the decision to lease equipment rather than buy it outright.


Fitness Equipment Leasing Engages Clients

Your members are looking for the best possible way to shed weight and build a toned body. You can do your part to help your clientele reach these goals by opting for fitness equipment leasing rather than a direct purchase. The beauty of fitness equipment leasing is that it does not lock you or your members into the machines for the long haul.

Let's face it: tastes change. Gym equipment and other technology that is en vogue today is not guaranteed to be popular in the coming months or years. Furthermore, it is likely that even better equipment will be released in the ensuing months and years. Why lock your gym members into specific machines with direct purchases? Opt for fitness equipment leasing and you can pivot to new and improved equipment as it is released to the market. This is exactly what your gym needs to keep members engaged and excited with the facility.


State-of-the-art Equipment Attracts new Members

One of the best ways to boost your enrollment is to add new equipment with regularity. This is awfully difficult if you purchase every single piece of equipment. A direct purchase ties up a large amount of capital.

Opt for fitness equipment leasing and you can bring in a steady stream of state-of-the-art machines and other equipment. This is exactly what prospective members are looking for. No one wants to use outdated and inefficient equipment that is more likely to break than a newly leased machine. Everyone craves the latest and greatest equipment that helps them reach their physical fitness goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Cutting edge fitness equipment offers unique and high-tech means of working out such as virtual boxing and competitive racing between members. Lease virtual reality fitness-oriented equipment and people will be lining up to join your gym.


Fitness Equipment Leasing Provides Everything Necessary for a Comprehensive Workout

Opt to lease equipment for your fitness facility and your members won't be limited to strictly the machines you purchase outright. You can cycle machines in and out as leases end and commence. Add and remove machines in a strategic manner and you will ensure that your members have every type of machine they need to enjoy a full-fledged workout that exercises every portion of the body. This is a major selling point to prospective members. It also appeals to current members who will eventually have to decide to renew or cancel their membership.


Avoid the Nightmare of Selling old Equipment

Wouldn't it be nice to have equipment removed from your facility after it has served its purpose? This is exactly what happens when you opt for fitness equipment leasing. Once the lease ends, you wash your hands of the machine and move on to the next one. You don't have to worry about listing used machines for sale and investing your time in an arduous sales process.


Fitness Equipment Leasing Doesn't tie up Your Capital

Buying equipment for your fitness center requires a massive up-front payment. There is no sense tying up your limited capital in such a purchase when it is possible to lease the latest and greatest fitness machines. Furthermore, most suppliers will offer a replacement if the leased machine malfunctions.


Fitness Equipment Leasing is Tax-Friendly

Savvy business owners are constantly on the prowl to limit their tax exposure. Fitness equipment leasing is an excellent means of saving money on year-end taxes. In many instances, it is possible to deduct the cost of equipment leases on year-end taxes. The logic behind providing such a tax break is that fitness center equipment is categorized as an overhead expense rather than an asset. As a result, such leases are tax-deductible.

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