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How Gym Owners Can Save Money and Stop Member Churn


There are many ways gym owners and managers can save money. But how do they do it without decreasing the quality of services? Increase revenue and keep your members satisfied with machines, classes and the condition of the facility. Here is exactly how you can cut costs as a fitness facility owner.

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Order in Bulk

One of the best ways to save money is to order your fitness center's supplies in large quantities or explore autoship programs. There is no sense in sending one order after another. You will pay a premium for small amounts of gym supplies over and over again. If you are having these items shipped to your facility, the shipping and handling fees will also add up. The solution is to order wholesale gym supplies. Placing regular orders for large amounts of fitness center cleaning supplies save a ton of money. Buying in bulk lowers the per-unit price by a considerable margin. Spend less time ordering and more time focusing on making your members smile. Do not lose sight of the fact that time is money.


Consider Leasing Gym Equipment

You do not have to buy every single piece of fitness equipment. You can lease gym machines and return them at the end of the lease. This way, your facility's members will enjoy a steady stream of new fitness machines. New machines help keep members interested in working out and boost your facility's retention rate. Leasing gym equipment also allows you to conserve capital. Your gym will not need to plunk down a wad of cash for new machines. Pay on a monthly or yearly basis and avoid the massive financial commitment required of a purchase. Use the savings to improve your fitness facility in another manner.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Marketing

Why hire a salaried marketing professional to advertise your gym's services when you can do it yourself? Take to the web to tout your fitness center's merits. Engage members on social media. Take a lead role in the industry guest blogging. Use pay-per-click advertising and other methods of inbound marketing to increase members. You can learn how to launch a DIY marketing campaign with a small investment of time and effort. Using digital marketing is more cost effective compared to outbound marketing methods like commercials on TV, radio, and newspapers.


Obtain Member Feedback

Take the time to survey your members to find out what they would like to change or improve in the facility. You just might find that members desire affordable alterations. It is not always necessary to invest in the latest and greatest fitness equipment. t

Members might crave something as simple as a space reserved for yoga instruction. Order yoga mats in bulk through a wholesale gym supplies dealer and your members will flock to your yoga room. Save money by ordering these supplies in bulk. You can use the savings to pay a part-time yoga instructor for your facility.



Let Prospects try the Facility Before Committing

Establish inroads with prospective members by letting them experience your fitness facility. This will build their trust before they commit to a 6-month or year-long membership. This is a latent means of advertising as it increases general awareness of your facility. It also costs much less than a traditional marketing campaign. Save thousands of dollars and allow locals to try out the gym for a limited time.

Let current members bring guests to the facility several times per year. Offer a brief free trial period so interested prospects can test out your gym. They will have a better understanding of your equipment, group classes, sports courts, and locker rooms. A free trial can pay off over time. It costs little to let trial members use the facility. But even if a small percentage of these trialists sign up for a membership, you will make a considerable profit.



Create a Detailed Budget

It is imperative that you track your spending and revenue down to the penny. A budget is the best way to ensure you spend money in a prudent manner. If you don't track your money, you will lose sight of where it goes. A budget also provides a detailed look at the true costs and revenues of your facility. You will be able to track how and when money is spent. A budget also plans for your facility's short-term and long-term future. This financial plan can highlight where money is being wasted and prepare for emergencies.  Propel your facility towards sustainable profitability through financial planning.


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