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Best Post-Workout Meals


Those who fail to replenish their body with the proper sustenance following exercise won't be able to repair muscle tissue in the appropriate manner. As a result, new muscle won't grow. Don't do this to yourself! Load up with nutritious post-workout meals with enough carbohydrates to trigger the release of ample insulin. The release of insulin will send amino acids and carbohydrates back to the muscles and encourage growth. Let's take a look at some of the best post-workout meals.


Whole-Wheat Veggie and Turkey Wrap

Chow down on this tasty wrap and you will have enough carbs to refuel your body. This wrap is chock full of fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. Turkey has a ton of protein that will help your body build new muscle and repair damaged muscles. In turn, these improved muscles heighten the metabolism's functionality. In terms of veggies, opt for spinach, tomato, pickles and whatever else suits your fancy.


The Ultimate Smoothie

A smoothie suffices as a meal as long as it is loaded up with the right ingredients. Add avocado, protein powder and the berries of your choice to a smoothie. The avocado serves to thicken up the smoothie and keep you feeling full for an extended period of time. It is one of the most satisfying foods you can eat. Avocados also contain the “good fat” that improves joint functionality. Berries provide antioxidants. Protein powder energizes the body and helps rebuild strained muscles.



Cook up some salmon with olive oil along with a side of grapes and celery. Salmon features omega-3s that minimize post-exercise muscle inflammation that would otherwise induce soreness. Studies also indicate that salmon has healthy fat that promotes rapid fat burn. Celery and grapes will suffice as side dishes or you can chop up the salmon and mix it with these sides for a delicious salad. Grapes and celery provide an infusion of fiber and carbs.


Black Bean Pepper Eggs

There is nothing wrong with eating breakfast after an afternoon or evening workout. Make eggs in your preferred fashion. Mix them with cooked slices of pepper and black beans. Bell peppers provide vitamin C while black beans add carbohydrates rich in fiber. Yet eggs are the most important component of this meal. Protein-loaded eggs will ward off the urge to devour food throughout the remainder of the day. This is especially important following a grueling workout that zaps your body and tempts you to overeat.


Tuna Sandwich

Tuna on a whole wheat roll is another excellent post-workout meal. It is quick, simple and extremely healthy. Tuna has minimal fat but a ton of protein. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids to boost heart health. Load up the sandwich with spinach or kale, a sprinkle of olive oil, tomato and pickles for added nutrition. Incorporate some crackers on the side and you will have a crunchy complement that provides energizing carbohydrates.


Quinoa With Sweet Potatoes

Though quinoa and sweet potatoes aren't exactly the most glamorous foods, they are perfect following a strenuous workout. Quinoa is rife with nutrients and vitamins. It even has more fiber and protein than brown rice. Add in the fact that quinoa takes less time to make than rice and you can understand why health-conscious individuals have made it a diet staple.

Pair quinoa with a side of sweet potatoes and you'll do your body a huge favor in the aftermath of your workout. Sweet potatoes have potassium, magnesium and an array of vitamins. End the meal with some tasty kiwi. Kiwi is chock full of potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C.


Orange With Almonds

This might seem like an odd food combination but it is quite satiating. It is the perfect post-workout “mini-meal-on-the-go”. Nuts have healthy fats and protein that re-energize the body and promote heart health. They also serve to reduce hunger pangs so you don't overeat later on in the day. Oranges provide hydration, vitamin C to bolster the immune system and those much-needed carbs required to bounce back from a strenuous workout.


Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken is a fantastic lean protein source. This meat also features an array of other nutrients like vitamin B and niacin that heighten metabolism functionality. Mix in some brown rice for extra carbohydrates to replenish your muscles and consequentially, your energy. Top it off with steamed veggies and you will have a nutritional powerhouse of a meal on your hands.


Hummus in a Whole Grain Pita

Hummus is all the rage these days. The key is to serve it at room temperature so its flavor fully emerges. Hummus is made of uber-healthy garbanzo beans, tahini (crushed sesame seeds), lemon juice, salt and some additional flavors like dill/red pepper. It is loaded with carbs, vitamins and protein that fuel your body to perfection following a taxing workout.

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