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Build Your Own Gym at Home


If you are interested in building your own home gym, you should know it will take some time, effort and money. It all starts with researching what types of equipment are necessary to serve as the foundation of your home fitness space. Good news—you have come to the right destination for this information. Below, we take a look at exactly what you need for your own home gym.


Weights: Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Every home gym needs weights for strength training. Begin by adding some kettlebells and dumbbells. If you do not want to add both, select the one you are most comfortable with. Each is quite versatile, serving an important role in all different types of strength and cardio exercises. Dumbbells allow for an array of different exercises. Opt for dumbbells that are hex shaped and have a black rubber coating. They tend to last a long time and prove comfortable when exercising. Buy upwards of five sets in varying weights to permit diverse exercises.

Though plenty of people will attempt to convince you kettlebells are unnecessary, you will likely feel as though your home gym is missing something if there is not at least a few kettlebells. Some kettlebell movements can be performed with a dumbbell, yet kettlebell movements are quite distinct. Use a kettlebell with a large smooth handle instead of a dumbbell and many of these exercises will prove that much more challenging (and rewarding).




Don't forget about barbells! Barbells, similar to other free weights, are often considered superior to machines available at the gym thanks to the coordination and stabilization they provide for workout warriors like yourself. Just make sure the bar is sturdy. Those who have small hands will find the diameter of the bar matters a great deal. If necessary, purchase a bar designed for women to accommodate the size of your hands.

You will need some weight plates to place upon the bar. Purchase weight plates of all different weights, from 2.5lbs to 10lbs and all the way on up to 45lbs if you're especially strong. Those who are interested in training with Olympic lifting will require rubber bumper plates to boot.



Additional Strength Training Equipment for the Home Gym

Body weight suspension equipment will help your gym reach its potential. Add a suspension trainer to your home gym and it will help you make steady progress with your body weight exercises. Most of these systems give you the option to anchor to your home gym's walls, ceiling, door frame or rack.


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Cardio Equipment

Consider adding one or several cardio machines to your home gym. Examples of popular cardio machines for the home gym include the elliptical machine, the rower and the treadmill. Those who lack space will obtain considerable benefit from performing high intensity interval training, known as HIIT. If you take this route, be sure to check out the wide variety of helpful HIIT apps like PowerWave. This fitness app provides users with no-cost access to more than 20 HIIT training sessions along with helpful workouts to stimulate muscle growth.

Finally, consider adding a jump rope along with a mat. Jumping rope isn't exactly a high tech means of exercising yet it is fun and highly effective.



Equipment to Train the Core

Add a medicine ball to your home gym. It is a versatile component of every home gym as it allows for all sorts of floor exercises and can be used to add weight to body weight exercises like lunges.

Add a Pull-up Bar

Pull-ups are certainly difficult yet they are an excellent test of your strength. Furthermore, pull-up bars can be used for an array of gymnastics exercises beyond simple pull-ups. Install a pull-up bar at your home gym and you can practice these exercises as desired. A home pull-up system can be installed on your doorway as long as there is a space where the bar can be securely mounted.



Don't Forget About Equipment to Enhance Flexibility and Recovery

Your home gym won't be complete unless it features some recovery equipment. Consider adding everything from a massage ball to a stretch strap or a foam roller. Foam rollers are perfect for kneading out those fatigued muscles. They can also be used as a prop when performing yoga or as a tool for core strengthening. The best part is they are quite cheap. Each seems like a minor addition yet they really will stimulate rapid recovery.

Add Items to Enhance Organization

Add some bins, shelves or even something like a storage ottoman. You can store your fitness gear, dumbbells, resistance bands and other equipment in these spaces. Such storage compartments keep your exercise equipment clean, free of dust, orderly and out of sight until you need them.

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