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Choosing the Best Workout Towel

August 11, 2017 By Zogics

Choosing the Best Workout Towel

Gym memberships are becoming more common as time progresses. There is a strong social push toward health and fitness. Those who own and manage fitness facilities have an extraordinary opportunity to rapidly grow their member base and ramp up profits. Make the most of your gym by sweating the small stuff. One of the key details to zero in on is the quality of your workout towels.

The Importance of Workout Towels

The Importance of Workout Towels

Your fitness center should be well-stocked with high-quality workout towels. Towels are an important component of the gym experience. Take a moment to consider the amount of sweat the typical gym member experiences during a grueling workout at your facility. Most workout warriors do not wear headbands or wristbands to absorb sweat. Rather, the sweat rolls onto their exercise gear or their shirt or shorts.

If you provide clean and soft towels that absorb moisture to your gym members, they will likely wipe down machines and equipment after using them. Even if you do not want to provide workout towels to your members for free, you should consider stocking up on high-quality towels to sell at your gym.

Towels Limit the Spread of Germs

Towels Limit the Spread of Germs

Germs are present in every gym. However, they can be limited with the use of high-quality towels. If members regularly wipe their body and face, sweat and germs won't be as likely to reach their hands. The hands are the primary means of spreading bacteria.

Furthermore, gym saunas and locker rooms should be well-stocked with towels. These spaces are loaded with microfungi, bacteria, coliforms and even E.coli. Encourage your members to use towels, showering sandals and other cleaning solutions to limit the exposure and spread of germs and other unsavory forms of grime to fellow members.


Towels for Added Protection

Be sure to select gym towels that are soft yet firm enough to serve as a barrier between workout equipment and members' backs, bottoms and stomachs. Some fitness enthusiasts lay down towels on workout machines for an extra layer of protection and additional support. Using a towel barrier can also help prevent the spread of germs.

Zogics Gym Towel Buying Guide

Moisture Absorption

The towels you select for your fitness facility should absorb moisture with ease. Towels are comprised of loops within the fabric's weave. These loops permit the absorption of sweat and water. A towel with an abundance of loops will prove quite strong and absorbent. Towels that have aged and/or are threadbare won't absorb fluids that well. However, your workout towels do not need to be as absorbent as the typical full-size bath towel.

Members who are provided with moisture-absorbent towels can easily wipe the sweat off their brow and continue onward with a vigorous workout. Though providing workout towels might seem like a subtle amenity, it really is an excellent way to improve the workout experience and improve your member retention rate. So pick out towels that are absorbent enough to keep members dry during exercise sessions yet not so thick that they collect bacteria.



Dry Time

Towels should not take an egregiously long time to dry. You should be able to wash it, allow it to dry for a short period of time and have it ready for additional use without a considerable delay. In general, thin sweat towels tend to dry faster than a thick sweat towel. Yet thin towels have a downside as they wear down sooner than thick and fluffy towels.

The bottom line is most gym owners and managers will need a towel that can dry quickly. So opt for thinner towels that dry rapidly. Just be sure to give your towels ample time to fully dry so they don't serve as moist breeding grounds for bacteria or mold.

Lint Creation

The towels you select for your gym should not pick up excess lint during the drying process. Such lint can affect the performance of the towel. The last thing you need is for your members to wipe a lint-laden towel across their foreheads after a taxing workout. So be sure to check out the reviews of prospective towels before buying in bulk. When in doubt, buy a single towel, run it through the dryer and determine how much lint it picks up.

It will also help to avoid over-drying your towels. If you buy new towels, consider washing them in a separate load so they aren't mixed with the old towels. New towels are almost certain to shed and form lint when drying. Even towels of the highest quality have this problem. Another helpful hint is to air dry towels every once in a while. You can also use the dryer's lowest setting to minimize lint creation.


Towel Material

The best gym towels for sweat are made of cotton. This is due to the fact that cotton fibers are extremely absorbent and dry in a short amount of time. Though cotton will suffice for your gym's workout towels, it is only one of many options. Additional towel materials include microfiber, bamboo and linen.

Towel Weight

Towels are typically measured according to fabric density. Towels that are light are almost always thinner. These towels are usually inexpensive as they wear down faster than thick towels. If you plan on cycling the same towels through your gym every few days, opt for heavy towels that can easily endure a steady stream of washes. If you plan on buying a considerable amount of towels in bulk, consider opting for a thinner towel.


Gym Towel Size

Most people like workout towels that are fairly small as they are easy to handle and fold. There is no need to invest in hundreds of full-size beach towels for your gym members. Opt for a gym towel size that permits the wiping off of sweat with ease in the midst of an intense workout. When in doubt, purchase several different sizes so members can select the one they prefer.


Workout Towel Texture Matters

Most people assume the softest towels are always the best. However, this is not necessarily true when it comes to towels used for workouts. An overly-soft towel might prove to lack durability. Don't stop searching for the best gym towels until you find the perfect mix of softness and durability.

Consider the Fiber Length

Towels with especially long fibers prove quite soft and absorbent. Though gym towels do not need uber-lengthy fibers, the fibers should not be egregiously short. Find a happy medium for your workout warriors. When in doubt, opt for workout towels with standard fiber length.

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