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Making The Switch To All Natural Body Care Products


Your fitness center is built to strengthen the body. From biceps and triceps to quadriceps and abdominals, a full circuit will leave your gym members feeling great. However, it’ll take more than diet and muscle exercises to look and feel amazing. The fact is, health-focused individuals need more from their health clubs than merely a place to work out. They now seek out centers that take a full-facility approach to preserve a health-first lifestyle by offering the best organic wholesale bath and body care products available. Help your members keep their bodies at their absolute best by choosing Zogics natural body care products for your fitness center.

We understand that living a healthy and active lifestyle goes far beyond the treadmill. Fitness today is more than sticking to a gym routine; it’s the integration of responsible, health-conscious choices that positively affect the body, mind, and soul. As the owner of a spa, health club, or recreational facility, it’s critical that you acknowledge how important it is to provide your members with natural body care products.


Natural options

Hundreds of companies are phasing harsh chemicals out of their products. Everything from floor cleaners to water bottles is being mass produced without substances that can cause potential harm to the body. Gym goers are among the massive audience embracing these new alternatives. We’ve listened to these requests and have developed a new line of amenity products inspired by the needs of you and your clients.

Stock your facility with the best organic body care products available. Our original 3 in 1 Body Wash is infused with essential oils and botanical extracts. Free of parabens, dyes, and EDTA, this gentle body wash, hand soap, and shampoo combo will leave hair and skin feeling nourished and fresh with an aroma of citrus and aloe. For members with dry skin, we recommend carrying our Citrus & Aloe Body Lotion. This lotion derived from plants, oils, and extracts will revitalize all skin types. Finally, allow your members to treat themselves to our signature blend of Australian Eucalyptus Oil. World-renowned for its healing properties, adding eucalyptus oil to a steam room, bath, or sauna is a perfect way to pamper your guests.


Less chemicals, more value

Adopting Zogics wholesale body care products for your fitness club is also healthy for your budget. Instead of paying high prices for small orders, shop our collection of natural body care products available in bulk quantities at amazing rates. Get the supplies you need for the price you want. Our entire selection of bath and body care items is also backed by our low-price guarantee. We’re positive your clients will love our gentle, organic body care products and we’re committed to ensuring that you’re completely satisfied with your entire order.


The best in wellness

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Now more than ever, people of all ages are focused on living a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only are they conscious of what foods and supplements they consume, they are also very attentive to the ingredients in the health and beauty products they use daily. It’s now becoming a necessity to carry “clean” lotions, shower gels, and soaps at your fitness facility. Zogics is ready to help you provide your clientele with the best organic body care products on the market. Shop our low-priced selection of shower gels, hotel soaps, lotions, shampoos & conditioners, and body washes, all produced with natural ingredients. Your members will feel refreshed with hydrated skin as soon as their first use. If you’re looking for bath and body care products free of harmful chemicals, let us stock your supply closets with our natural, plant-based alternatives. Trust the best in wellness: trust Zogics for all of your natural body care needs.


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