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Effective Tips For Strengthening Your Legs


Plenty of workout warriors focus on toning their arms and chest. The legs are commonly neglected, partially because onlookers tend to focus on the upper body. Plenty of gyms have more machines and weights to work the upper body than the lower body. Though a ripped upper body is certainly visually pleasing, neglecting the legs will hinder your overall strength.



Tips to Boost Leg Strength

The best way to bolster leg strength is to perform leg exercises on a regular basis. Exercises with gym leg equipment should be performed at least three times per week. These exercises do not have to be grueling. Even a minor implementation of leg workout gym equipment will make a meaningful difference when it comes to lower body strength.

Exercises to Boost Leg Strength: The Hip Flexor Stretch


The average person has incredibly tight hip flexors. It is imperative that you stretch these muscles to keep them as loose as possible. You can loosen the muscles with a kneeling stretch of the hip flexor. Begin by lunging forward with your right foot. Bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle. Lower the other knee to the ground. Tilt your midsection forward and stretch toward the front of your hip. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

The Hand Walk


This exercise will enhance flexibility and strength along the posterior chain of muscles in the legs and lower back. Lean forward while putting your hands flat on the floor ahead of your feet. “Walk” your hands ahead and away from your body while shifting your weight to your palms. Proceed to walk your hands back in the direction of your feet.

The Hip Hinge


Hold a kettlebell between your legs while standing upright. Move your hips forward and swing the kettlebell in front of your body. You can also perform this exercise with a stability ball. Rest your back on the floor while placing your feet on the stability ball. Raise your hips. Pull your feet beneath your body. Move back to the initial position. Repeat several times.

The Curtsey Lunge


Stand with your feet aligned with your shoulders. Step back with your right foot and move across your left leg. Bend at the knees so you can lower your body so your front thigh is parallel with the floor. This positioning allows your torso to be positioned in a square and upright manner. Resume the initial standing position. Repeat the curtsey lunge with the other leg.

The Glute Bridge


Lie down on the floor so you face the ceiling. Bend your knees. Place your arms to the side at shoulder level with your palms facing upward. Lift your hips up so your body creates a straight line from the knees all the way to the shoulders. Flex your core muscles. Gradually lift your left knee to your upper body. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Simple Step-Ups

Step aerobics with leg workout gym equipment are fantastic for weak legs. Grab a step/box and step up with each leg in a repeated fashion. Alternate legs until you feel the burn.


The Goblet Squat

Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell. Hold it against your chest with both hands. Lower yourself to the a squat position. Then rise to a standing position. Make sure your weight is on your heels during the entirety of this leg-strengthening exercise. The goblet squat will work wonders for your hamstrings, calves and glutes.


Key in on Nutrition

If your body is not provided with the proper nutrients, your legs will weaken. You should consume a diverse array of vitamins, minerals and proteins from varied foods. Focus on foods that are loaded with minerals like magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D. Examples of foods with these vital nutrients for leg health include leafy greens, eggs, chicken, salmon, berries, mushrooms, beetroot, bell peppers, tomatoes, dates and whole grains.

Certain nutritional supplements can also boost leg strength. Examples include Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Lysine. Lysine is an important amino acid that the body requires to develop robust muscles, tissue and bone. CoQ10 is a critically important enzyme that allows for the body's absorption of nutrients. Combine healthy foods and supplements with leg-strengthening exercises and you will gradually reshape your lower body.



A regular massaging of your legs will stimulate blood circulation. Insufficient blood circulation is one of the primary causes for weak legs. Blood circulation will help transmit nutrients to weakened leg muscles. Some have enjoyed success by applying herbal oils, sesame oils, coconut oils and olive oils during leg massages. Leg massages decrease leg pain, swelling and cramps, making it much easier to engage in exercises with leg workout gym equipment.


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