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How to Hire a Personal Trainer


Ally with a personal trainer and you will be on the fast track to a slim and toned body. However, you need to find perfect personal trainer for your unique personality and fitness goals. Personal trainers are not all created equal. Some are absolutely worth their keep while others are not. Certain personal trainers are gung-ho while others are more laid back. Consider all the pros and cons of prospective personal trainers before you commit. Here are some tips on what to consider when hiring a personal trainer.


Do They Have Listening Skills?

A trainer who is all talk won't be able to gauge his client's physical fitness needs and desires. If you feel as though your trainer doesn't stop to listen to your needs, opinions and feedback, you have allied with the wrong personal trainer. People should hire personal trainers who asks questions, are not quick to interject and request regular feedback during and after workouts.

A Question of Legitimacy

A credible trainer will have a history of success. He or she should not hesitate to provide references. Look up their current and prior clients' reviews on the web to get a gauge of legitimacy. Though a certification from a credible organization will certainly be helpful, client feedback is even more important. Do not hesitate to reach out to current and past clients to obtain detailed feedback about the trainer's merits, weaknesses and results.


An Understanding of Client Weaknesses and Strengths

The best trainers gain a firm understanding of client needs, weaknesses and strengths. He should understand your current state of mind and body as well as the state you would like to reach in the future. Gaining a true understanding of clients also includes screening each client for coordination, strength and flexibility in order to custom tailor idiosyncratic workouts that boost shortcomings.

A Willingness to Adjust

Trainers should segue from one style of exercise to another without interruption or extensive downtime. A trainer who can't adjust on the fly will inevitably cause frustration and limit your fitness potential. Adjusting is also about keeping the client safe in the midst of a grueling workout — this flexibility is imperative to your quest to shed weight and achieve a toned body.


A Good Attitude

Look for a personal trainer who stays positive. The last thing you need is negative energy while you are working toward building the body of your dreams. Elite trainers remain positive even when they are having a bad day or when you are having difficulties with your workout. Find a trainer who constructively criticizes rather than talks down to you and your spirits will remain high even if you are struggling to meet your fitness goals.


The top reason to hire a personal trainer is accountability. A personal trainer motivates clients to show up for the workout, go hard and reach the desired results. However, this is not to say the trainer should be militant. If the prospective trainer doesn't seem to have a balance between understanding and motivational tactics, move on to one who does. Accountability is also about preparation. The best trainers prepare customized workouts for each client, pay close attention to clients' workout techniques and don't let their smartphone interfere with client interactions.


A Willingness to Quantify Client Progress

Merely observing client performance and providing feedback will not suffice. You deserve more. Find a personal trainer who is willing to track your progress in-depth and it will be possible to determine whether you are making true progress over time.


Some personal trainers claim they know the ins and outs of detailed exercises, when in reality they do not understand such intricacies. There is no shame in admitting a lack of specialized knowledge. Ally with an honest personal trainer and he won't steer you down the wrong path as a result of his personal pride.


Your Personal Trainer Should be in Shape

Elite personal trainers practice what they preach. Though they might not be absolutely shredded, they should at least be physically fit. If it appears as though a prospective trainer does not work out, don't pay your hard-earned money for him to instruct you on physical fitness. Ask prospective trainers what types of workouts they do and how frequently they work up a sweat.


They Encourage a Comprehensive Warmup

An injury is bad news for the trainer as well as the client. A savvy trainer will develop an extensive warmup routine that gets the body ready for an intense training session. Furthermore, this warmup session should be customized according to your unique needs. If you feel as though your body isn't ready for a grueling exercise session after your warmup, your trainer is not doing his job.



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