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Integrating Exercise Trends into your Gym


Gym owners and managers who pay close attention to fitness trends have the chance to incorporate these new forms of exercise into their fitness facility. Incorporating a trendy exercise class, new equipment or style of instruction will convince plenty of people to join. Opportunities to engage in the latest exercise trends will also keep current members interested in working out. Physically active members who are intrigued by your gym's offerings are much more inclined to renew their membership. Let's take a look at some of the latest exercise trends and how they can be integrated in your fitness facility.



Yoga is as on-trend as it gets. Yoga is no longer for hippies. Just about everyone is interested in yoga. Millennials are leading the charge along with some of their baby boomer parents who are looking for a means to stay flexible. Yoga improves mood and strengthens the entire body. Pick up some wholesale yoga mats for your yoga room, add a few yoga experts to your staff and tout your yoga offerings in your marketing efforts. You'll attract a steady stream of new members especially if you go all out by offering the trendiest forms of yoga like hot yoga, aerial yoga and rope wall yoga. Make sure your yoga experts can lead by example. If they don't know exactly what they are doing, members will question the legitimacy of these nuanced yoga workouts.


Fitness Programs for Seniors

The baby boomer age cohort is quickly entering the golden years of life. They are retiring in droves and have plenty of time to work out. Fitness programs dedicated to older adults are en vogue. Tailor classes to serve this specific age cohort and your gym will fill up. Seniors are looking for a means of boosting their balance, strength and flexibility. Provide seniors with the opportunity to engage in physical fitness sessions that are catered to their unique physical challenges and they will be loyal to your fitness facility for years.


Body Weight Training

Though your gym is filled with workout equipment, some members will opt to exercise with their own body weight. They choose to do so in a gym because it offers open space, a communal environment, instruction from fitness aficionados and quick access to workout equipment to complement body weight training exercises.

Dedicate a space for body weight training. Add wholesale yoga mats and water fountains. You can even assign a fitness instructor to lead body weight training sessions in the space you dedicate for these minimalist workouts. Examples of body weight exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, planks, lunges and squats. Though most people know how to do these fairly basic moves, the presence of an instructor will ensure members engage in body weight training with the proper form and reduce the odds of injury.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is all the rage these days. You can easily incorporate this trendy style of exercise in your fitness facility. HIIT is all about going hard and taking short rest periods. An array of different workouts make use of the HIIT approach. They include CrossFit, Pilates, boot camp workouts and plain old running. Assign your fitness instructors to daily HIIT workout classes. Their guidance will help your members engage in HIIT workouts in the proper manner. The instructor can guide the class through HIIT workouts involving burpees, squats, running in place or on treadmills and beyond. Be sure to add plenty of CrossFit gym equipment to your facility so your members have everything they need to get in an intense workout.


Group Training

Group training is en vogue. All sorts of different group training workouts exist from boot camp workouts to CrossFit, SoulCycle, Orangetheory and PureBarre. Group training has been on-trend since the Great Recession of 2008. People enjoy working out in the presence of others as it serves as a powerful motivational force, makes the gym feel that much more communal and fosters bonding that has the potential to lead to lifelong friendships. Dedicate one or several large rooms in your gym to group training classes like those referenced above. Add some CrossFit gym equipment and watch the new members trickle in.


Functional Fitness

As time progresses, more and more people are becoming interested in this unique form of exercise. Functional fitness is centered on exercising in a means that provides one with the strength necessary for real-world situations.

Add some instructors who are familiar with functional fitness. Tailor the class regimens to exercises that will help your members lift heavy bags into overhead bins, move bulky furniture, carry their kids or pets and the word will quickly spread about these unique fitness classes. Functional fitness is a core component of CrossFit so be sure to load up on CrossFit gym equipment.


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