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Creating a Culture of Clean

Creating a Culture of Clean

Turning Members Into Cleaning Partners

It takes a village to keep a fitness facility clean. The pursuit of cleanliness doesn’t stop at a few cleaning products or hiring a cleaning service. It takes a supportive staff and most importantly, engaged members to maintain a clean facility. Gyms that create an environment that encourages everyone to play a role in cleaning benefit from happier members, enhanced safety, longer-lasting equipment, and a healthier bottom line.

Here are a few ways to turn gym members into cleaning partners:

Wiping down equipment

Set The Tone

When new members sign up, walk them through what’s expected of them: from wiping down equipment after use, to disposing of paper cups and towels. It’s also valuable to mention the gym’s commitment to cleanliness to prospective members. A recent study found that 83% of gym members consider how clean a facility is when choosing between gyms.



A little goes a long way: using signs around the gym and on cardio equipment to remind members to wipe up after a workout can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping cleaning top-of-mind.

New Call-to-action

Stay Stocked

Be sure to stay sufficiently stocked on cleaning supplies like gym wipes, disinfectants, spray bottles and more. Some companies offer subscribe and save programs to eliminate any worries about reordering or running out of supplies.

Walk The Talk

Enlist the manager and gym staff to lead by example and make cleaning a priority. Staff should always pick up after others when needed and be trained and kept up to date on the latest cleaning protocol. By demonstrating a commitment to cleanliness, gym staff can inspire members to engage in keeping the facility clean.


Report & Respond

By allowing dirt or trash to linger unattended to, it encourages others to repeat the behavior. To prevent this, gyms should create a system to report wet floors, dirty bathrooms, littering and other common issues. Reporting can take place in the form of direct communication to available staff or through anonymous means such as a suggestion box or an SMS service. Additionally, offering speedy responsiveness to such complaints lets members know that a gym means business when it comes to tackling issues of cleanliness.


A Culture of Clean

A clean fitness facility plays an important role in membership satisfaction, and ultimately, the success of a fitness facility. Culture is not built or changed overnight, but by taking steps towards making cleanliness a priority, gyms can begin to reap the benefits of a member-driven effort to maintain a clean facility.

The post Creating a Culture of Clean was written for Club Solutions Magazine.

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