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Is Your Pool Safe & Clean?

Is Your Pool Safe & Clean?

Before taking a dip, make sure your swimming pool is safe and clean. Summer is here and temperatures are rising, which probably means your health club members are ditching the sweat inducing equipment and hitting the pool! Having a pool in your facility is a great way to keep members coming back throughout the summer months, and for members to broaden their fitness abilities. Having a pool also means more responsibilities  in order to make sure your members feel happy and stay safe. Here at Zogics, we’re committed to making sure you have the right products to keep your swimming pools clean and pool amenities in top-notch shape.

Here are 5 tips and must have pool safety items, pool cleaning supplies and services to make your pool or aquatic center a hit this summer:

  • Lifeguard on duty - having a lifeguard on duty is the most visible step toward making your members feel safe at your pool. Knowing that there is a certified lifeguard keeping watch gives members a sense of security when swimming at your pool, especially if they want to bring their kids to join the fun.
  • Have safety equipment readily available- having a first aid kit and an AED Defibrillator on display and within arms reach from the pool is another way to make sure members feel safe at the pool. Pools are a common place for accidents to happen in the blink of an eye, and having safety equipment ready to go will, again, give members a sense of security, but could also prevent more serious accidents.  
  • Use visual aids - Use ropes to differentiate between the shallow end and the deep end. Having visual aids like ropes to show members where the shallow end ends and the deep end starts is an easy way to avoid accidents. Especially if kids are allowed to swim in the pool, knowing where they won’t be able to touch is very important and comforting to parents.
  • Keep your pool clean - no one likes to swim in a pool that looks or feels dirty, especially knowing there are so many other people who use the pool as well. Make sure to use the proper amounts of pool cleaning supplies to keep the water looking crystal clear and safe.
  • Provide towels - having bath towels available for members will bring people in who may have forgotten theirs at home. Providing bath sized towels is an easy way to make members feel welcome at the pool and like their membership is paying off!

These 5 simple steps are the keys to keeping members coming back to spend time at the pool. While it’s hard to keep members at the gym throughout the summer, having a pool is an excellent way to attract their attention, and it’s your job to make sure that is good attention! Keep these 5 steps in mind throughout the summer, and you’ll be sure to have happy and safe members.

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