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Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday Small Business Saturday

From the coffee shop that serves up our favorite espresso to the hardware store where you can find just about every screwdriver ever made, small businesses are the heart and soul of America. And from tending the shop, to keeping the books, to fielding customer special order requests, the work and dedication of small business owners keeps the wheels turning, the whole ship running smoothly.

Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to celebrating the small businesses, and the small business owners, that create jobs, boost the economy, and preserve neighborhoods around the country. It’s a day we turn our undivided attention to local stores offering our patronage and loyalty to them.

As you know, there’s a reason Zogics is located in the Berkshires. We take pride in being a member of a community we care about, and we devote our time to sitting on boards with local impact, volunteering with local non-profits and working to strengthen the backbone of Berkshire county.

Today we encourage you to be a neighborhood champion and help bring your community together. Use this map to see where you can #ShopSmall. And, if you’re in the Berkshires, check out a few of our favorite small businesses.

Balderdash Cellars


Balderdash Cellars Balderdash Cellars

Founded in 2011, Balderdash Cellars is a boutique winery located in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts focused on producing ultra-premium (wicked to New England folks) wines from grapes grown by world-class California vineyards.

You can always find at least 1 bottle of Balderdash wine (currently a 2012 Syrah called Brakelight) in the Zogics wine cellar.

Six Depot Roastery and Cafe


Six Depot Six Depot

Six Depot is a small-batch coffee roastery, cafe, art gallery & event space in West Stockbridge, MA who sources teas and coffee from small farms and roasts them right in their cafe, where they also serve breakfast & lunch and host Friday night events.

Paul LeBlanc, owner of Zogics, makes a daily trip to Six Depot for his morning coffee and can often be found working there with his dog S’bu.

The Lenox Bookstore


The Lenox Bookstore The Lenox Bookstore

The Bookstore, a fixture in the town of Lenox for well over thirty years, actually was born in the neighboring town of Stockbridge, in the living room of a small rented house behind an alley that housed a then little-known cafe called Alice’s Restaurant.

Zogics staffers can be found perusing the shelves of the Lenox bookstore for the latest hardcovers, their favorite used paperbacks, and even special ordering the perfect holiday gift.

Blue Q


Blue Q Blue Q

Blue Q is the proud designer and manufacturer of life-improving, joy-bringing products since 1988. They are the makers of smart, sweet, and snarky gifts from sassy socks, soap, gum, bags, breath sprays, to tin boxes, paper lanterns, and more.

You’ll often find the latest Blue Q bag and/or sassy socks on at least 1 Zogics staffer at any given time.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery


Berkshire Mountain Bakery Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Walk through the door of Berkshire Mountain Bakery located in Housatonic, Massachusetts in the heart of the Berkshires and you will find yourself in the midst of a baking flurry with baker/owner, Richard Bourdon, orchestrating the production. In this European style bakery, traditional techniques rule the baking process and so most bread is naturally leavened with sourdough fermentation and hand shaped. The result is very digestible and delicious bread.

Mornings, just wouldn’t be mornings without fresh baked bread from Berkshire Mountain Bakery.

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