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SPRI Fitness Equipment


Zogics is proud to partner with fitness industry favorite SPRI as a part of our brand collection. A leader in rubberized resistance and performance training, SPRI offers a comprehensive catalog of fitness equipment that is perfect for every facility.

SPRI Resistance Training

Resistance Training

Whether you are just a beginner or a trained athlete, SPRI's resistance bands are designed for any fitness level. From mini bands for focused exercises to versatile bands from their Superband and Xertube series, you can strengthen and tone muscles in your whole body with these resistance training tools.

SPRI Resistance Training Products


SPRI Dynamic Movement

Dynamic Movement

For those looking for an explosive workout, SPRI's line of plyometric boxes and medicine balls provide dynamic movement for functional training. Acknowledging that comfort is key, SPRI has also designed medicine balls with handles to enhance performance.

SPRI Dynamic Movement Products


SPRI Strength Training

Strength Training

A compliment to most workouts, SPRI has developed a lineup of vinyl dumbells, kettlebells and even ankle weights for strength training. With a special focus on quality and user experience, SPRI's strength equipment is durable and effective.

SPRI Strength Training Products


SPRI Core & Stability Development

Core & Stability Development

There's something for everyone—whether for use in yoga, pilates or stretching, exercise mats, both foldable and not, are diverse for every use and space. Offering a line of stability balls, balance pads and their signature wobble board, a wide range of core, stability and balance exercises can be achieved.

SPRI Core & Stability Products


SPRI Accessories


Kick any workout up a notch with SPRI's fitness accessories. From gloves to agility cones, jump ropes, foam rollers and everything in between, SPRI has your back. A sign of an expertly designed catalog, you can find a complimentary product for your every need.

SPRI Accessories


SPRI Equipment Storage

Equipment Storage

SPRI knows that when it comes to serving the needs of facilities, that storage is important. That's why they offer free weight and medicine ball racks along with mounts to ensure products are kept tidy and organized. Facility capacity issues should be the last of your worries with SPRI fitness equipment.

SPRI Equipment Storage



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