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The 20 Most Popular Products at Zogics in 2019

Before we jump into another year, take a look back at our 20 most popular products from 2019. From wipes and cleaning concentrates to fitness favorites, we've proudly supplied equipment, supplies, and services to facility owners all over the world—here's our list of the products that customers couldn't get enough of.

Zogics Gym Wipes

1. Zogics Gym Wipes  

Our bestselling surface & equipment wipes are a proven customer favorite. Zogics gym wipes are used worldwide and loved for their ease of use, effectiveness, and cost. Not to mention, our autoship program makes it simple to set up recurring shipments so facility managers are always stocked up without worrying about re-ordering.

"Our members absolutely love the wipes we have recently placed in our club. They are bigger and they don't dry out quickly. They are the best!"
– 5 Star Review from Angie H.



Zogics Cleaning Concentrates

2. Zogics Cleaning Concentrates

Our eco-friendly full facility lineup of cleaning concentrates provide huge cost savings compared to ready-to-use cleaners. Our concentrated bottles can yield up to 32 gallons of usable cleaner—as little as a couple cents per gallon. Facilities nationwide are turning to Zogics cleaning concentrates to support their cleaning routines (and their budgets!)

"We love our Zogics cleaning concentrate products. Makes our business operate smoothly!"

– 5 Star Review from Felicia L.



Zogics Organics

3. Zogics Organics Honey Coconut Body Care Collection

The new Zogics Organics body care collection brings luxurious soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion to economic bulk sizing. Organic ingredients and natural oils cleanse, revitalize, moisturize, and nourish for a spa-quality experience in any facility. Like our Citrus + Aloe body care, Zogics Organics is free of parabens, phthalates, EDTA, dyes, and gluten. 



Zogics Fitness Essentials

4. Zogics Fitness Resistance Bands & Speed Ropes

Our line of resistance loop bands, Fit Pro strength bands, and speed ropes provide budget-friendly fitness essentials without sacrificing durability. For facilities that stock resistance bands and speed ropes for classes and member use, we've assembled case quantities that ship fast and free every day.



Zogics Rubber Flooring

5. Zogics Rubber Flooring

Zogics Rubber Flooring is unmatched in durability and quality, and a dedicated team of flooring experts takes the stress out of ordering by guiding facility owners step-by-step through the process, making it easier than ever to work on your dream flooring project. Our rubber flooring is available in rolls and as interlocking puzzle tiles and 1" thick sound dampening & super shock absorbing tiles.



Zogics Citrus + Aloe Body Care Collection

6. Zogics Citrus + Aloe Body Care Collection

What can we say—members love our Citrus + Aloe body care! This popular bulk body care is plant-based, infused with essential oils and botanical extracts, and leaves guests refreshed and energized. Additionally, our bulk gallon sizing is easy on the wallet and works with refillable dispensers to heavily reduce plastic waste. 

"As the manager of a yoga studio, I began using the Zogics 3 in 1 soap for the showers and hand wash over 3 months ago. Everyone has raved about the quality of the soap! As someone who is as clean and green as possible, and promotes that as well, I truly am impressed with the ingredients, finding them to be essentially plant based! I highly recommend this product for any yoga studio or gym with showers, or any business with a bathroom!!

– 5 Star Review from Christina W.



NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Recovery

7. NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Recovery Packages

Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world turn to NormaTec's compression technology for fast and effective technology. The NormaTec Pulse 2.0 recovery packages increase circulation, reduce pain and soreness, and aid in muscle recovery. 

Did you know? NormaTec recovery systems are trusted by 97% of professional sports teams, including the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Celtics, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, LA Chargers, and more.


Zogics Turf

8. Zogics Turf

Zogics Turf is the perfect way to expand your workout spaces and provide a long-lasting, durable flooring for functional training, group classes, speed and agility training, and more. Fitness club managers love the ability to add custom game lines (agility ladders, distance markers, etc.) directly into their turf—these lines are true color turf and won't fade over time.



Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer

9. Protexus Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

If you want to cut cleaning time down at your facility without sacrificing cleaning quality, the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer is your new best friend. Using cutting-edge electrostatic spraying technology, the Protexus delivers 360-degree, touchless disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning power that reaches up to 3x more surfaces than traditional cleaners. 

"The Protexus electrostatic sprayer is fantastic. It used to take me a grueling 3 1/2 hours to clean while using more water and cleansers as well as my energy it took to scrub! Now in an easy 30 minutes I use 1/4 gallon of water and Purtabs to get better results. I am thrilled!"

– 5 Star Review from Karen B.




10. WaterRower Rowing Machines

Renowned design and craftsmanship combined with ergo dynamic features make WaterRower one of the most popular brands of rowing machines. With 10 different models, WaterRower is a great addition to any commercial facility or home gym. 

"First used this product at a rowing studio in NYC. It's a beautiful piece to look at and incredibly smooth to use. Easy assembly in less than an hour, no tools needed. Also very easy to flip it upright for storage and doesn't require much strength to lift or move with the large wheels. No additional length added when flipped upright either. Highly recommend!

– 5 Star Review from Caitlin



Zogics Lockers

11. Zogics Lockers

Getting the perfect locker layout to match your facility doesn't have to be a chore. Our lockers are customer favorites due to the seemingly limitless customization options, innovative cell phone lockers, and simplified order process. Free layout plans, fast quoting, and a dedicated locker expert to work with make it easy to start & finish your dream locker project.



Zogics Wipe Dispensers

12. Zogics Wipe Dispensers

From the sleek stainless steel & black powder coated floor dispensers to our new and improved wall-mounted wipe dispenser, Zogics is unmatched when it comes to high-quality, functional dispensers. Our range of free-standing, wall-mounted, and bucket dispensers are perfect for every space and budget.

"We are very pleased with this floor dispenser. It is heavy-duty, dispenses the wipes as well as has a trash receptacle built-in. Nice sleek look and cleans very easily. We have them through out our gym and our members like how quick and easy it is to ensure sanitary environment."

– 5 Star Review from Charity S.



Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

13. Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

With Power Plate, gym goers, fitness professionals, and elite athlete's can achieve their health goals. Power Plate's whole body vibration technology increases strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism for weight loss, and leads to faster recovery. A full lineup of vibration plate models covers both home use and commercial settings, and easy financing options help make Power Plate accessible to anyone.

"The power plate is my first and last stop when at the gym to stretch and cool down. The my7 has many exercises built in and programs for hitting various health goals. I was surprised just how effective vibration training was in improving my flexibility, not to mention the extra effort involved when doing an actual workout on it."

– 5 Star Review from Jon P.



XLERATOR Hand Dryers

14. XLERATOR Hand Dryers

There's a reason XLERATOR is the best commercial hand dryer for restrooms and locker rooms worldwide. Actually—here are many reasons: 50% longer product life. Adjustable speed and sound control. Adjustable heat settings. 75% reduction in carbon footprint. Uses 80% less energy than conventional dryers. Saves up to 80% in paper cost. Impressed yet?

"Zogics was very helpful and understanding of our concerns about price. In the end, we're happy with our decision as it has saved us hundreds on paper towels! Looks great, easy to install- couldn't be happier."

– 5 Star Review from Mac K.



Elkay Bottle Filling Stations

15. Elkay Bottle Filling Stations

Elkay's drinking fountains are a smart choice for thousands of facilities, from gyms and fitness clubs to schools, healthcare facilities, and resorts. Beyond their built-in hygienic features including visual water filter status, touchless sensor activation, and antimicrobial protection, Elkay fountains reduce plastic bottle waste—another great way of promoting sustainability and eco-conscious decisions at your facility.

"Got this for the gym. It works great, saves on bottled water and even has a counter to show you how many bottles of water you have kept out of the land fills. Highly recommended."

– 5 Star Review from Jimmy



York Barbell

16. York Barbell Dumbbells & Benches

When it comes to free weights, benches, and weightlifting equipment, York Barbell has been known for high quality manufacturing for over 80 years. Their customer-loved Rubber Hex Dumbbells and weight benches have been favorites on Zogics.com by fitness enthusiasts, home gym builders, and commercial club managers.

"I just bought a few sets of these dumbbells to build up my home gym a bit. These are better than any dumbbells I ever used at the gym. They are very high quality and they look great. The erg handle is very comfortable."

– 5 Star Review from Kevin S.



Exercise Towels

17. Exercise Towels

Another gym essential, Zogics wholesale workout towels are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and qualities. Providing towels for members is a great amenity that won't go unnoticed. 

"We ordered the 16x27 gym towels and they are great! The size is perfect for our members while they work out, plus the towels are durable and made well. Thank you!"

– 5 Star Review from Margo B.




18. Stroops Resistance Training Equipment

Few fitness brands offer the range of resistance training equipment as Stroops. Their famous Slastix premium elastic bands come in several configurations and can be used with anchors, handles, foot straps, and bars, making them an extremely versatile system that fit pros love to work out with. 

"These bands are unlike any other on the market. I was very surprised with the high quality design. For the price and quality you can't go wrong. The handles and grips are great, and the resistance is awesome."

– 5 Star Review from Austin



Philips AEDs

19. Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator

When it comes to facility safety, the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED is the most sought after AED in the world. This AED is small, lightweight, and features guided step-by-step voice instructions during use. Over 40 studies confirm the HeartStart OnSite's effectiveness, and Philips' meticulous product testing will give any facility manager peace of mind.

"Simple to use with pictures and voice instructions. After reviewing the materials, it seems almost too easy. It can be explained to a novice in about 1 or 2 minutes."

– 5 Star Review from Jody



Namco Auto Scrubbers

20. Namco Auto Scrubbers

Namco's range of auto scrubbers makes it easy for facility owners to maintain their flooring investment. These slick machines are compact, ergonomically designed for comfortable usage, and gives rubber flooring the deep cleaning needed to protect gym flooring.




New Products at Zogics.com

Equipment Packages

Equipment Packages

We've specially assembled the best bundles to upgrade, build out, and revamp your facility. These equipment packages make ordering quick and easy—take a look at our fitness, body care, and cleaning packages.





Dreamseat's line of recliners, zero-gravity chairs, and massage recliners is the perfect addition to any recovery center. These chairs also pair perfectly with NormaTec's recovery systems.



Aroma360 HVAC Scenting

HVAC Scenting

Behold the power of scent marketing—Aroma360s innovative family of HVAC scenting units bring subtle air freshening to entire facilities. These products integrate directly into HVAC systems to conveniently cover multiple areas with scenting.



Power Plate Targeted Vibration

Power Plate Targeted Vibration

Adding to their Whole Body Vibration, Power Plate's new Targeted Vibration products focus on recovery at a hand-held level. Three new products, the Pulse, DualSphere, and Roller are ready to bring powerful and effective recovery to your gym bag.



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