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The Best Ways To Make Your Gym Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, everyone is going green, if they haven't already. Households and businesses are both adopting earth-friendly practices. If your gym is not green, it is time to make the transition. An eco-friendly gym provides many benefits. Explore how to create an eco-friendly gym that benefits your facility and reduces the burden on our planet.


Your Eco-Friendly Gym: Where to Start

Take a moment to review your daily operations. Consider which features are the most wasteful. Understand which actions are most burdensome to the environment. Minor alterations can make a meaningful impact on your facility's utility bill.  Position the business as a green enterprise in the eyes of environmentally-conscious individuals. This can attract members who are looking for an eco-friendly fitness facility.

As an example, consider installing water bottle filling stations throughout the facility. These stations provide members with an immediate source of hydration. It will reduce the use of bottled water or sports drinks.  These stations should be added to each fitness area of every floor of your facility. This will ensure it is easy for your members to fill up their water bottles.


Natural Cleaning Supplies For Fitness Facilities

Take a look at your gym's cleaning supply closet. Do your facility's cleaning solutions have words on their labels like “hazardous," “warning,” or “danger”? If so, then your facility is not using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. Load up on natural disinfectant wipes. Ordering natural disinfectant wipes in bulk will help you place them throughout your facility. Encourage members and staff to clean exercise machines and weights when necessary. These wipes are degradable and completely safe for members and staff to touch. Place trash cans near each natural disinfectant wipe station. This will ensure members are not tempted to toss the used wipe to the side assuming a staff member will pick it up.

Stock up on natural cleaning products that do not have toxic chemicals that threaten the environment as well as human health. Opt for green cleaning solutions that adhere to science-based standards for environmental protection. Such green cleaners minimize pollution by reducing the number of synthetic chemicals released into the surrounding environment.  Eco-friendly versions of cleaning supplies are available for everything from floor care products to hand cleaners, sprays, soapsand more.



Eco-Friendly Gym Flooring

Contrary to popular belief, green flooring options really do exist for fitness centers. You can have reused or recycled flooring materials installed at your facility. Many of these flooring materials are made of rubber. Green materials extend the lifespan of the floor. They are primarily composed of post-consumer material used in the past.

New eco-friendly flooring options made with renewable resources like cork and bamboo are also available. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable flooring products available.



How to Reduce Water Consumption In Your Gym

There are many ways to reduce your gym's water usage. Add low-flow toilets to the entire building, from the locker rooms to employee bathrooms. Install low-flow sink faucets and shower heads. These green options save upwards of 2.5 gallons of water each minute. Don't forget to insulate water pipes to reduce energy costs further.

Make your gym as green as possible by making use of eco-friendly washing machines. The typical front-loaded washing machine uses less water than the top-loaded variety. Front-loading washing machines will also save plenty of electricity. The most eco-friendly gyms take the extra step by adding landscaping to the exterior of the facility. This landscaping requires minimal or no watering.



The Best Green Gym Equipment and Machines

Green gyms offer some exercise equipment options that do not only rely on electricity for operation. This does not mean you have to replace every single piece of exercise equipment. Adding purely mechanical exercise machines to your facility will reduce your utility bill. It will also lower your impact on the environment and frame your business as a green facility.

These machines use gears, belts, and other physical components for operation. Some machines harness energy from the actual operation to power electrical components. Certain machines like ellipticals,
treadmills, and exercise bikes can operate digital displays and even incline alterations with the energy created when in use.

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