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Upgrade your Gym


Every gym requires upgrades as time progresses. Improvements to your fitness facility have the potential to make the difference between growing your member base (and subsequently your profit margin) and stagnating or even losing members. Gym-goers eventually grow tired of performing the same exercises with the same machines over and over again. Even subtle improvements to the facility can persuade members to renew their membership. Yet gym upgrades do much more than make the facility more appealing to current and prospective members. Certain upgrades also make the jobs of gym staff easier and the facility more comfortable. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to upgrade your gym.


July2017_Blog_upgrades_1.png Invest in Gym Equipment Storage

Invest in Gym Equipment Storage

Every gym needs one or several large spaces to store supplies, extra exercise machines and other sundries. Your staff will regularly move items in and out of this space. It should be well-ventilated, well-lit, spacious and clean. If your current storage space is cramped or difficult to maneuver through, it is time to upgrade. You can convert another space into an additional gym equipment storage space. It is also possible to add shelving, bins and other storage compartments to your current storage space to ameliorate the challenge of organizing equipment and supplies in an orderly manner that allows for quick and easy access.

Add new Exercise Machines and Fitness-related Equipment

Add new Exercise Machines and Fitness-related Equipment

Take advantage of the latest fitness trends by adding new and improved equipment to your facility. Provide your guests with the latest cross-training equipment and they will spread the word about your facility's updated offerings. New and updated versions of exercise bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals, free weights and other equipment should be gradually cycled in so members do not lose interest in your facility.

As an example, older treadmills have rightfully earned the reputation of being extraordinarily hard on the joints. Upgrade to a contemporary treadmill with an impact system built right into the internal belt. This technical upgrade provides much-needed cushioning for the body's joints. Add several new treadmills to your facility, tout their merits in your marketing campaign and your member base will grow.

The addition of one or several new machines every couple of months keeps members engaged and motivated to work out on a regular basis. Furthermore, the addition of new machines will pay off across the long haul. Cutting edge exercise machines do not require frequent repair or replacement like their outdated counterparts. Reduced repair frequency combined with a longer useful life will save you plenty of money in terms of maintenance and replacement costs.

Add a body composition scanner

It's the Little Things That Often Matter the Most

Be sure to sweat the small stuff (no pun intended). Add some seemingly minor niceties like a body composition scanner from time to time. This piece of equipment measures a gym member's body fat percentage as well as his/her muscle quality. It provides helpful and important insight into one's progress toward physical fitness goals as time progresses. This type of subtle addition makes your facility that much more enjoyable and stimulating. This might not seem like a major improvement yet it is the type of minor addition that makes a meaningful and lasting impact on members. Adding such features proves that you care about the facility as well as the well-being of your members.

When in Doubt About the Best Upgrades, Ask Questions

When in Doubt About the Best Upgrades, Ask Questions

If you can't figure out which upgrades to add to your gym, don't give up! The best way to settle on specific upgrades for your gym is to survey your members. Find out what kinds of upgrades they desire. A survey can be conducted online or with pen and paper. Consider making it an anonymous survey so members can voice their opinions about the facility without revealing their identity. You can also take a look at competing gyms to find out what they are offering. Perform some research about the latest fitness industry trends and you will have a good idea as to what the masses are looking for in gym improvements.


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