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Cutting Edge Exercise and Recovery Equipment For Gyms

Cutting Edge Recovery Equipment | Zogics Blog

All gym owners know working out takes a toll on the body. Recovery is a crucial part of any workout. Recovery allows the body to adapt to stress associated with training, and gives it time to strengthen between physical activities.

Wellness facilities must take recovery into consideration, as this can prevent injuries after strenuous workouts. In a world where sports have become increasingly scientific, technology has emerged to facilitate recovery and increase performance. This article looks at cutting-edge equipment gyms should invest in, to help athletes perform better after a difficult workout or when recovering from injury.

How Steam Rooms Benefit Workout RecoveryAug2017-facility-hasviewed_eucalyptus

Steam rooms are important for recovery. After a grueling workout, the heat and humidity of the room cleanses the body of toxins and improves immunity. Moreover, the room relaxes muscles and increases blood flow. High-quality oils like Zogics’ Eucalyptus Oil Blend are diluted in steam rooms for their cooling and refreshing properties. They help ease sore muscles and promote blood circulation. Researchers found that steam rooms improve athletic performance. In a study from New Zealand, a group of long-distance runners used a steam room after their workout. The next day, the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport noted how they increased their time to exhaustion by 32% due to the room’s healing properties.

NormaTec Pulse 2.0 Is Next Gen Athlete Recovery


What started out as a tool to help runners recover faster is now being used by athletes hailing from a range of sports. NormaTec is a portable massage machine that wraps around an athlete's extremities to help alleviate muscle soreness and improve blood circulation. It helps with flexibility, range of motion, and prevents the build-up of lactic acid in the body. It’s said to both warm up and help post-training recovery. Today, NormaTec is being used by a large number of NBA and NFL players. LeBron James is a trendsetter, so much so that NBA players follow his methods. He’s been posting on Instagram as early as 2015 about using the Normatec Pulse leg recovery system regularly to control inflammation. The machine is just one of the alternative therapies that the Lakers forward undergoes to keep him on top of his game, well into his 30s. In fact, the enigmatic James is still one of the highest paid athletes in the world and the most recognizable basketball player currently playing. At 34, he's a testament to how science and technology help athletes recover faster and compete longer at the highest level. No doubt the investments he’s made on his recovery through NormaTec Pulse and similar products play a big factor in James’ athletic success.


The Best Vibrating Foam Rollers For Fitness Recovery


Portable massage devices like foam rollers are essential for recovery. Many gym goers incorporate them into their pre and post-workout routines. TriggerPoint GRID Vibe Plus takes foam rolling to the next level by creating a vibrating roller that can get deep into muscle tissue while facilitating circulation. Advocates say it’s similar to a myofascial release, where sustained pressure is applied to connective tissue to restore motion and eliminate tension. Ultrarunner Ian Sharman told Outside that he uses a vibrating foam roller to help him recover from his races.

Article specially written for Zogics by Allison Jane

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